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tactics, plural;
  1. An action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end

  2. The art of disposing armed forces in order of battle and of organizing operations, esp. during contact with an enemy

  1. a plan for attaining a particular goal
  2. (tactically) with regard to tactics; "the tactically useful province is still firmly in the rebels' hands"
  3. (tactics) the branch of military science dealing with detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives set by strategy
  4. In chess, a tactic refers to a sequence of moves which limits the opponent's options and may result in tangible gain. Tactics are usually contrasted with strategy, in which advantages take longer to be realized, and the opponent is less constrained in responding.
  5. A tactic is a conceptual action. In military usage, a military tactic is used by a military unit of no larger than a division to implement a specific mission and achieve a specific objective, or to advance toward a specific goal. A tactic is implemented as one or more tasks.
  6. Threat Agent Cloud Tactical Intercept & Countermeasure, or TACTIC, is a United States military research program whose goal is to detect, classify, and neutralize airborne biological and chemical warfare agents.
  7. Tactic is a municipality in the Guatemalan department of Alta Verapaz. It is situated at 1,465 m above sea level. It has a population of 17,555, and covers a terrain of 85 km². The languages spoken in Tactic are predominantly Spanish, Poqomchí, and Q'eqchi'.
  8. (Tactics (band)) Tactics were a post-punk (or ‘art-punk’) band based in Sydney. They were formed in Canberra and moved to Sydney in late 1978. Tactics became known for running against the grain musically, lyrically, and stylistically. ...
  9. (Tactics (company)) Tactics is a Japanese visual novel studio which specializes in the development of dating sim and eroge style games. Tactics is actually a branch of the joint company Nexton. Their debut release was a game entitled Dōsei in mid-1997, followed by Moon. ...
  10. A manoeuvre, or action calculated to achieve some end; Describing a polymer whose repeat units are identical
  11. (tactics) The military science that deals with achieving the objectives set by strategy; Manoeuvres used against an enemy; The employment and ordered arrangement of forces in relation to each other^[1]
  12. (Tactics) Deploying and directing resources on an incident to accomplish the objectives designated by strategy.
  13. (TACTICS) In the eternal argument if whether a team is better because of its players or its coach, James T comes down firmly on the side a tactics. He even started yelling it, and others yelled back. If something good happens because of formation, you can be sure TACTICS! ...
  14. (Tactics) (07-1996) with Dan Wall and Adam Nussbaum
  15. (Tactics) As recently stated, tactics will also be a huge part in siege warfare/PVP in general. We’re not talking the old age tactic of “healer and melee” or simple combos, we’re talking Roman-Empire style tactics, surround the healers and casters in a “square” of fighter classes. ...
  16. (Tactics) Detail used to implement a 'Strategy'.
  17. (Tactics) Different types of moves or situations that arise where you can gain material or positional advantage at the expense of your opponent.
  18. (Tactics) In practice, success is mainly about winning hearts and minds. An employer will be able to mitigate its risk profile by persuading as many employees to accept the changes by consent as possible. ...
  19. (Tactics) Knowledge of the order, disposition, and formation of troops.
  20. (Tactics) Maneuvers that take advantage of short-term opportunities. A position with many traps and combinations is considered to be Tactical in nature.
  21. (Tactics) One of the four components of the game. Relates directly to any decisions a player makes on the field with or without the ball.
  22. (Tactics) Refers to the specific action steps to be taken to achieve an objective.
  23. (Tactics) Short-term, calculable aspects of the game, as opposed to strategic considerations. Tactics in backgammon include: hitting blots, making points, clearing points, and avoiding unnecessary risks.
  24. (Tactics) Techniques for turning strangers into paying clients.
  25. (Tactics) The behaviours through which objectives and, ultimately, the strategic intent is achieved.