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tabloids, plural;
  1. A newspaper having pages half the size of those of a standard newspaper, typically popular in style and dominated by headlines, photographs, and sensational stories

  2. Sensational in a lurid or vulgar way
    • - they argued about who made what allegation on what tabloid TV show

  1. yellow journalism: sensationalist journalism
  2. newspaper with half-size pages
  3. Tabloid was one of the earliest information television series aired in Canada. It ran weeknights from 1953 to 1960 after which it was renamed to Seven-O-One.
  4. The following is a list of episodes for the television show, Matlock. Total Number of Episodes: 195
  5. A newspaper having pages half the dimensions of the standard format, especially one that favours stories of a sensational nature over more serious news; In the format of a tabloid; Relating to a tabloid or tabloids
  6. (Tabloids) Literally, newspapers that are half the size of broadsheets. Often used in a derogatory sense to convey the idea of dumbing down or sensationalism.
  7. (Tabloids) Smaller formatted newspapers which emphasize the local-interest stories; including a celebrity gossip column describing the repeating scandals of their personal lives.
  8. (Tabloids) fast reading for the slow thinking.
  9. Using a broadsheet as a measure, one half of a broadsheet.
  10. A size of newspaper that is roughly half the size of a standard newspaper. A page size is normally 14" high by 12" wide.
  11. The smaller of the two common newspaper sizes. So called popular newspapers, such as the Star or the New York Post are usually tabloid while more serious papers are usually in the larger broadsheet format.
  12. Newspaper size with rather small pages and many pictures.
  13. A newspaper of small page size, usually 11 inches wide and 17 inches deep.
  14. Newspaper printed in small format, usually with a lot of photographs.
  15. A small, compact format newspaper, usually less than 43 cm (17 inches) long. Also used to describe a newspaper style that uses short, simply-written stories and headlines with lots of pictures to illustrate more sensational content. Compare with broadsheet.
  16. Taking the standard size of the newspaper and folding into half, usually stitched or stapled and trimmed.
  17. a smaller format 1/2 broadsheet folded, often preferred by publishers of local papers or commuter papers and the sensationalist press (National Enquirer)
  18. A small format newspaper that reports the news in a condensed form.
  19. Newsletter with trim size 11" x 17" or A3.
  20. A metro-folded or quarter-folded product which is slit at the nose and issued unbound. Many newspapers and shoppers are produced in tabloid format. Commonly at RCP "tabloid" is used to refer to product approximately 11.5" x 17" when folded at the half-fold, and 8.5" x 11. ...
  21. Smaller format of a newspaper, usually five columns wide, often associated with "red-top" titles such as The Sun or The Mirror.
  22. An illustrated publication dimensionally about half the size of a regular newspaper, often containing condensed or sensational articles, being a format widely used for newsletters; sometimes called a "scandal sheet". ...
  23. an industry term that refers to a piece of substrate that is 11 inches by 17 inches, also referred to B size paper by the American National Standard Institute.
  24. Tabloid is smaller format of newspaper. Mail Today, Mid Day, Mumbai Mirror, all are tabloids. Tabloids are known more for sensational and spicy news
  25. A smaller-sized newspaper which is generally 5 columns wide and 13” deep, with 65” to a page. Sometimes referred to as a “Tab.”