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Feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy,
  1. Feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy
    • - he was sympathetic toward staff with family problems
    • - he spoke in a sympathetic tone
  2. Showing approval of or favor toward an idea or action
    • - he was sympathetic to evolutionary ideas
  3. Pleasant or agreeable, in particular

  4. (of a person) Attracting the liking of others
    • - Audrey develops as a sympathetic character
  5. (of a structure) Designed in a sensitive or fitting way
    • - buildings that were sympathetic to their surroundings
  6. Relating to or denoting the part of the autonomic nervous system consisting of nerves arising from ganglia near the middle part of the spinal cord, supplying the internal organs, blood vessels, and glands, and balancing the action of the parasympathetic nerves

  7. Relating to, producing, or denoting an effect that arises in response to a similar action elsewhere

  1. of or relating to the sympathetic nervous system; "sympathetic neurons"; "sympathetic stimulation"
  2. charitable: showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity; "was charitable in his opinions of others"; "kindly criticism"; "a kindly act"; "sympathetic words"; "a large-hearted mentor"
  3. having similar disposition and tastes; "with their many similar tastes, he found her a most sympathetic companion"
  4. harmonic: relating to vibrations that occur as a result of vibrations in a nearby body; "sympathetic vibration"
  5. (Sympathetically) Sympathy is a social affinity in which one person stands with another person, closely understanding his or her feelings. Also known as empathic concern, it is the feeling of compassion or concern for another, the wish to see them better off or happier. ...
  6. (Sympathetics) The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is one of the three parts of the autonomic nervous system, along with the enteric and parasympathetic systems. Its general action is to mobilize the body's resources under stress; to induce the fight-or-flight response. ...
  7. of, related to, showing, or characterized by sympathy
  8. (sympathetically) Owing to or showing evidence of "sympathy", or affinity; happening through or demonstrating correspondences, whether occult or physiological; In a manner which demonstrates a sharing in the feelings of others; compassionately
  9. (sympathetically) in a way that shows concern for someone else's feelings
  10. When activated causes physiological changes to occur, preparing the body for fight/flight.
  11. a major component of the autonomic nervous system, consisting of ganglia, nerves (mostly motor, some sensory), and plexuses that supply the involuntary muscles.
  12. Vibrations that emphasize each other, and are harmonically related with simple mathematical ratios.
  13. The thoracic and lumbar divisions of the ANS.
  14. Referring to the subset of the peripheral nervous system activated in "fight or flight" behaviours.
  15. A division of the autonomic or involuntary nervous system that works in general opposition to the parasympathetic division. Many of the sympathetic functions are local, specific, and involve secretion of acetylcholine, stimulating or suppressing a specific muscle, gland, etc. ...
  16. The part of the autonomic nervous system that controls internal organs during conditions of high stress or increased activity.  Increases heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure to prepare the body for energy expending.
  17. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome
  18. (adj.) : pitiful, compassionate, tender
  19. caring about others & their feelings