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swooped, past tense; swoops, 3rd person singular present; swooping, present participle; swooped, past participle;
  1. (esp. of a bird) Move rapidly downward through the air
    • - the barn owl can swoop down on a mouse in total darkness
    • - the aircraft swooped in to land
  2. Carry out a sudden attack, esp. in order to make a capture or arrest
    • - investigators swooped on the Graf family home
  3. Seize with a sweeping motion
    • - she swooped up the hen in her arms
  1. A swooping or snatching movement or action
    • - four members were arrested following a swoop by detectives on their homes

  1. (music) rapid sliding up or down the musical scale; "the violinist was indulgent with his swoops and slides"
  2. pounce: move down on as if in an attack; "The raptor swooped down on its prey"; "The teacher swooped down upon the new students"
  3. a very rapid raid
  4. move with a sweep, or in a swooping arc
  5. seize or catch with a swooping motion
  6. a swift descent through the air
  7. Swoop is a Galaxian clone for Mac OS by Ambrosia Software. The cast of characters includes your ship, blue swoopers, green swoopers (called grunts), red swoopers (escorts), yellow swoopers (flagships), and on higher levels, an initial charge of shadow swoopers. ...
  8. Swoop is the mascot of the Philadelphia Eagles, a football team in the National Football League. Other versions of Swoop are also mascots at three American colleges.
  9. Swoop is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers fictional series and toy line.
  10. The Swoop!, or How Clarence Saved England is a short comic novel by P G Wodehouse, first published in the United Kingdom by Alston Rivers, Ltd, London, on 16 April 1909. Its subtitle is A Tale of the Great Invasion.
  11. (Swooping) Canopy Piloting (also known as swooping) encompasses several disciplines, all involving the flight of a skydiving parachute either at high altitude or close to the ground.
  12. Swoops were a potato-chip shaped chocolate candy manufactured by The Hershey Company. They were found in the following flavors: Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Reese's Peanut Butter, York Peppermint Pattie, White Chocolate Reeses, and Toffee and Almond. ...
  13. an instance, or the act of suddenly plunging downward; an act of rushedly doing something; passing quickly from one note to the next; to fly or glide downwards suddenly; to plunge (in the air) or nosedive; to move swiftly, as if with a sweeping movement, especially to attack something
  14. (Swooping) The act of speeding up the parachute on its descent to the group in order to create a ‘swoosh’ noise, travel at greater speeds along the ground and generally look cool.
  15. (Swoops) Hand loops to enable you to tension the material between the arm and body on extra wide suits.
  16. 1) To dive down to a formation or individual in freefall. 2) To aggressively approach the landing area in order to produce a long, flat flare and an exciting landing.
  17. Prince Morty: "O all you host of Heaven! O Earth! What else? And shall I couple Hell? Oy vey!!! Hold cold, my heart ... And you my sinews, grow not instant old, but bear me stiffly up ... Remember thee? Ay thou poor ghost, whiles memory holds a seat in this distracted globe .. Remember thee? ...
  18. (swoop) v., To pick up, to meet up with.  “I’ll swoop you at about 9 tonight!” [Etym., 90’s youth]
  19. To make a long trip in a short period of time; to drive home during weekend liberty.
  20. A massive and simultaneous convergence of judges at a particular site, to make an arrest of a group of suspects, such as drug-dealers.
  21. A maneouvre to speed up fall rate in order to reach a building formation
  22. South Wilshire Out of Hours Project
  23. To pick someone up in a vehicle