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swiping, present participle; swiped, past tense; swiped, past participle; swipes, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Hit or try to hit with a swinging blow
    • - she swiped me right across the nose
    • - she lifted her hand to swipe at a cat
  2. Steal
    • - someone swiped one of his sausages
  3. Pass (a card with a magnetic strip) through an electronic device that reads it

  1. A sweeping blow
    • - he missed the ball with his first swipe
  2. An attack or criticism
    • - he took a swipe at his critics

  1. a sweeping stroke or blow
  2. strike with a swiping motion
  3. pilfer: make off with belongings of others
  4. The Swipe is one of the most recognizable power moves in breakdance. The breaker leans back, whips his arms to one side to touch the ground, and his legs follow closely behind, twisting 360 degrees to land on the ground once again. ...
  5. Swipe is a comics term that refers to the intentional copying of a cover, panel, or page from an earlier comic book or graphic novel without crediting the original artist.
  6. Swipe is a dice game for two to six players made by Fundex Games in 2004. The object of the game is to win chips through the rolling of special dice that can be used to win chips or dice from the center (kitty) or from other players.
  7. The swIPe IP Security Protocol (swIPe) is an Internet Protocol (IP) security protocol that operates at the Internet Layer of the Internet Protocol Suite.
  8. (Swiping) In syntax, a sluicing construction is one in which the sentential part of an interrogative clause is elided; this typically occurs only in constituent questions (not polar questions). ...
  9. A quick grab, bat, or other motion with the hand or paw; A sweep; A strong blow given with a sweeping motion, as with a bat or club; A rough guess; an estimate or swag; Poor, weak beer; small beer; To steal or snatch; To scan or register by sliding something through a reader; To grab or ...
  10. (Swipes) The currency of college.
  11. (Swipes) are “a flip of the weight from hands to feet that also involves a twist in the body ’s direction ” (Banes 1994: 146). ...
  12. Purser’s swipes; small beer: so termed on board the king’s ships, where it is furnished by the purser.
  13. (SWIPING) The term used for when a copywriter ‘borrows’ the words from another winning promotion, changing them to suit his own needs. Headlines are probably the most commonly ‘swiped’ copywriting element. ...
  14. (Swiping) Accidentally interfering with a trade, this being different then sniping because it is an accident and occasionally the person who swiped the dragon will try and find out who the trade was actually meant for; though more often it is by someone who has no idea and thinks they just got ...
  15. The act of running a gift, credit or other form of plastic payment card through a specific device that recognizes the number encoded into the card's magnetic strip and transfers that number data to a point of sale or other computerized system for processing. ...
  16. This is physical act of sliding a card through the credit credit card processing. The machine then reads the magnetic strip on the back of the credit or debit card. An alternative way to accept the credit card, or debit card would be to manually key in the information. ...
  17. A panel, sequence, or story obviously borrowed from previously published material.
  18. A unit on your meal plan equivalent to one entry into Garden Room or $4.10 in GQ.
  19. physical sample obtained by rubbing a clean filter pad over a specified surface, typically of about 100 cm^2, to test for removable contamination — also called smears or wipes
  20. The swipe is the most commonly used and easiest to use move in all of shovel combat. To properly use this move, the attacker takes the shovel and swings in a horizontal motion right at the opponents head. ...
  21. Theft, usually used with regard to art that is copied by an artist for use as his own material.
  22. A progression of two or more chords sung on a single word or syllable; hallmark of the barbershop style.
  23. When a hypered horizontal round kick is added.
  24. To strike or drive with great force.
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