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swept, past tense; swept, past participle; sweeps, 3rd person singular present; sweeping, present participle;
  1. Clean (an area) by brushing away dirt or litter
    • - I've swept the floor
    • - Greg swept out the kitchen
  2. Move or remove (dirt or litter) in such a way
    • - she swept the tea leaves into a dustpan
  3. Move or push (someone or something) with great force
    • - I was swept along by the crowd
  4. Brush (hair) back from one's face or upward
    • - long hair swept up into a high chignon
  5. Search (an area) for something
    • - the detective swept the room for hair and fingerprints
  6. Examine (a place or thing) for electronic listening devices
    • - the line is swept every fifteen minutes
  7. Cover (an entire area) with a gun
    • - they were trying to get the Lewis gun up behind some trees from where they would sweep the trench
  8. Move swiftly and smoothly
    • - a large black car swept past the open windows
    • - a wave of sympathy swept over him
  9. Cause to move swiftly and smoothly
    • - he swept his hand around the room
  10. (of a person) Move in a confident and stately manner
    • - she swept magnificently from the hall
  11. (of a geographical or natural feature) Extend continuously in a particular direction, esp. in a curve
    • - green forests swept down the hillsides
  12. Look swiftly over
    • - her eyes swept the room
  13. Affect (an area or place) swiftly and widely
    • - violence swept the country
    • - the rebellion had swept through all four of the country's provinces
  14. Win all the games in (a series); take each of the winning or main places in (a contest or event)
    • - we knew we had to sweep these three home games
  1. An act of sweeping something with a brush
    • - I was giving the floor a quick sweep
  2. A long, swift, curving movement
    • - a grandiose sweep of his hand
  3. A comprehensive search or survey of a place or area
    • - the police finished their sweep through the woods
  4. The movement of a beam across the screen of a cathode-ray tube

  5. A survey of the ratings of broadcast stations, carried out at regular intervals to determine advertising rates

  6. A long, typically curved stretch of road, river, country, etc
    • - we could see a wide sweep of country perhaps a hundred miles across
  7. A curved part of a drive in front of a building
    • - one fork of the drive continued on to the gravel sweep
  8. The range or scope of something
    • - the whole sweep of the history of the USSR
  9. A sweepstake

  10. An instance of winning every event, award, or place in a contest
    • - a World Series sweep
  11. A long heavy oar used to row a barge or other vessel
    • - a big, heavy sweep oar
  12. A sail of a windmill

  13. A long pole mounted as a lever for raising buckets from a well

  1. a wide scope; "the sweep of the plains"
  2. brush: sweep across or over; "Her long skirt brushed the floor"; "A gasp swept cross the audience"
  3. chimneysweeper: someone who cleans soot from chimneys
  4. move with sweeping, effortless, gliding motions; "The diva swept into the room"; "Shreds of paper sailed through the air"; "The searchlights swept across the sky"
  5. sweep with a broom or as if with a broom; "Sweep the crumbs off the table"; "Sweep under the bed"
  6. slam: winning all or all but one of the tricks in bridge
  7. A sweep, also called sweep cultivator or sweep plow, is a farm implement designed to remove unwanted weeds and other grass from the center of row crops. Often used in small gardening/farming practices, a sweep can be anywhere from 1 to 5, and sometimes more, rows wide.
  8. A sweep is a running play in American football where the running back takes a pitch or handoff from the quarterback and starts running parallel to the line of scrimmage, allowing for the offensive linemen and fullback to get in front of him to block defenders before he turns upfield.
  9. Blue Foundation is a Danish trip-hop band founded in 2000 by musician Tobias Wilner.
  10. The "Sweep" series, published in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia as "Wicca" and in Italy and France as "White Magic"(Magie Blanche), is a series of books by Cate Tiernan. Starting with Book of Shadows, the series is a work of fiction set against a U.S. East Coast background.
  11. The Scorpidinae, commonly known as halfmoons, knifefishes and sweeps are a subfamily of the sea chubs, a family of marine fish in the order Perciformes. ...
  12. Sweep (foaled 1907 in Kentucky) was an American thoroughbred stallion racehorse. Bred by James R. Keene, he was sired by Kentucky Derby winner Ben Brush out of the Domino mare Pink Domino.
  13. The person who steers a dragon boat; A person who stands at the stern of a surf boat, steering with a steering oar and commanding the crew; A chimney sweep; A search (typically for bugs [electronic listening devices]); A batsman's shot, played from a kneeling position with a swinging horizontal ...
  14. (Sweeping) The action of moving a broom or brush back and forth in front of the path of a moving stone to clean or polish the ice surface.
  15. (Sweeping) When thieves (often professionals operating in teams) “sweep” merchandise off a shelf or simple peghook into their pockets, bags or specially made clothing.
  16. (SWEEPING) Clearing away mental or emotional clutter; developing a fresh attitude; being thorough / Avoidance; going against your intuition; getting 'swept up' in something
  17. (SWEEPING) players sweep to make the rock travel farther, or to keep it from curling too much. Good sweepers can increase the distance a stone travels by more than 10 feet. Sweeping creates a thin film of water under the rock that allows it to glide easier. Two players are ready to sweep each shot.
  18. (Sweeping) Causes ice in front of a sliding stone with brooms, which makes the rock travel faster and straighter up to 6-feet further than they would normally travel. ...
  19. (Sweeping) Going around looking for unattended slot machines with coins in the trays. This will get you kicked out if you're caught doing it.
  20. (Sweeping) Roofs with a sweeping curvature that rises at the corners of the roof. The curves are created by means of an incremental series of interlocking dougongs (brackets). ...
  21. (Sweeping) The definition of a new object in a higher dimension produced by arbitrary movement of the originating object along a path in the space of the higher dimension. For example, one can create a cylindrical surface by sweeping a line about another line which is parallel.
  22. (Sweeping) The pick is swept through the strings in a down- or upwoard motion. This technique is used mainly used with arpeggios.
  23. (Sweeping) To dream of sweeping, denotes that you will gain favor in the eyes of your husband, and children will find pleasure in the home. ...
  24. (Sweeping) You should not throw sweepings out of the room at night; if you do you may die (Galicia; Sch. 7).
  25. (Sweeping) in Interbase, the process that collects and frees older and unneeded versions of each record in one database when a threshold (known as Sweeping Interval) is reached. This is due to the multi versioning engine and doesn't happen on other commercial relational databases. ...