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swayed, past tense; sways, 3rd person singular present; swayed, past participle; swaying, present participle;
  1. Move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backward and forward or from side to side
    • - he swayed slightly on his feet
    • - swaying palm trees
    • - wind rattled and swayed the trees
  2. Control or influence (a person or course of action)
    • - he's easily swayed by other people
  3. Rule; govern
    • - now let the Lord forever reign and sway us as he will
  1. A rhythmical movement from side to side
    • - the easy sway of her hips
  2. Rule; control
    • - the part of the continent under Russia's sway

  1. rock: move back and forth or sideways; "the ship was rocking"; "the tall building swayed"; "She rocked back and forth on her feet"
  2. controlling influence
  3. rock: pitching dangerously to one side
  4. swing: move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner; "He swung back"
  5. carry: win approval or support for; "Carry all before one"; "His speech did not sway the voters"
  6. "Sway" is a 1997 New Zealand music single by Bic Runga. It appeared on her first album, Drive, and it was featured in the 1999 film American Pie. It was released in 1998 in Germany, Australia, and twice in the United Kingdom. It was also released in the United States. ...
  7. Sway (Suzanne Chan) is a fictional comic book superhero, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. She first appeared in '''' #3. She was created by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Pete Woods. Suzanne was one of the "Missing X-Men".
  8. The term sway has a specific meaning in the technique of ballroom dances. Basically, it describes a dancer's body position in which the entire body gracefully deflects from the vertical. ...
  9. Derek Andrew Safo (born 5 September 1982) is an English hip hop artist of Ghanaian origins , who uses the stage names Sway DaSafo or simply Sway; he is also a full-time producer, establishing DCypha Productions.
  10. Ocean Colour Scene is the eponymous 1992 debut album by the British rock group Ocean Colour Scene. It was released during the early Britpop era with far less critical interest than their highly successful second album Moseley Shoals. ...
  11. "Sway" is a song by the English rock 'n roll band The Rolling Stones from their 1971 album Sticky Fingers. It was also released as the b-side of the "Wild Horses" single in June 1971. This single was released in the US only. ...
  12. The act of swaying; a swaying motion; a swing or sweep of a weapon; A rocking or swinging motion; Influence, weight, or authority that inclines to one side; as, the sway of desires; Preponderance; turn or cast of balance; Rule; dominion; control; A switch or rod used by thatchers to bind their ...
  13. (swayed) Bent backwards, as in swayback
  14. (Swaying) An exaggerated lateral movement of the body on either the backswing, forward swing, or both, which results in inconsistent shotmaking. (His PGA Professional suggested a drill to correct his swaying).
  15. (Swaying) Condition of a vessel experiencing lateral translational motions.
  16. Side-to-side wandering of a trailer under tow.
  17. To move excessively to the right on the backswing without turning the body.
  18. Refers to the "fish-tailing" action of a trailer caused by external forces that set the trailer's mass into a lateral (side-to-side) motion. The trailer's wheels serve as the axis or pivot point. . Also known as "yaw".
  19. A vessel's motion from side to side. Also used as a verb meaning to hoist. "Sway up my dunnage."
  20. A tilt of the chest to the side, without lowering the torso. Stretching from the side upwards
  21. The operation of hoisting the topmasts and yards of a square rigged ship.
  22. W: To hoist (a mast or yard) into position.
  23. The inclination of the body away from the moving foot and toward the inside of a turn
  24. Lateral movement of head, shoulders or body in the back swing
  25. To brace laterally or longitudinally against horizontal movement.