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surgeons, plural;
  1. A medical practitioner qualified to practice surgery

  1. a physician who specializes in surgery
  2. In medicine, a surgeon is a specialist in surgery. Surgery is a broad category of invasive medical treatment that involves the cutting of a body, whether human or animal, for a specific reason such as the removal of diseased tissue or to repair a tear or breakage. ...
  3. Surgeon is the pseudonym of Anthony Child, an English electronic musician and DJ. Child releases music on his own labels Counterbalance and Dynamic Tension. Established imprints, such as Tresor, Soma, and Harthouse, have also released Surgeon's original material and remixes. ...
  4. The Surgeon was an Australian primetime television Medical drama. It screened at 9:30pm on Thursdays on Network Ten and in Ireland early morning on RTÉ One. The show was based at a fictional hospital named Sydney General Hospital.
  5. The Surgeon (2001) is a suspense novel by Tess Gerritsen, the first of the Maura Isles/Jane Rizzoli series.
  6. One who performs surgery; a doctor who performs operations on people or animals
  7. (Surgeons (General)) perform a variety of operations on almost all parts of the body. Surgery may be done to diagnose illness, remove or repair tissue, repair injuries, or correct malfunctioning parts. When necessary, they will refer patients to a subspecialist.
  8. (Surgeons) Treat diseases, injuries, and deformities by invasive methods, such as manual manipulation or by using instruments and appliances. Illustrated Example: Orthopedic Surgeon, Cardiovascular Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon
  9. (Surgeons) including armed services posts
  10. To dream of a surgeon, denotes you are threatened by enemies who are close to you in business. For a young woman, this dream promises a serious illness from which she will experience great inconvenience.
  11. medical man who treated broken bones and other types of external injuries although sometimes pressed into the service of bloodletting or delivering children. Of lower social status than a physician.
  12. doctor who specializes in using tools to operate on the body; also a general term for a naval doctor (since most were surgeons)
  13. A doctor who removes or repairs a part of the body by operating on the patient.
  14. (1967) novel, "The operating theater" in the U.S.
  15. a physician who treats disease, injury, or deformity by operative or manual methods. A medical doctor specialized in the removal of organs, masses and tumors and in doing other procedures using a knife (scalpel). ...
  16. Refers to the clinician who places the implant into your jawbone.
  17. A physician of the 17th century.
  18. A surgeon, appeared in flashback.
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  20. BS (Bachelor of Surgery)
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