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suppers, plural;
  1. An evening meal, typically a light or informal one
    • - we had a delicious cold supper
    • - I was sent to bed without any supper
  2. A late-night dinner

  3. An evening social event at which food is served

  1. a light evening meal; served in early evening if dinner is at midday or served late in the evening at bedtime
  2. a social gathering where a light evening meal is served; "her suppers often included celebrities"
  3. Supper is the name for the evening meal in some dialects of English - ordinarily the last meal of the day. Originally, in the middle ages, it referred to the lighter meal following dinner, which until the eighteenth century was invariably eaten as the midday meal.
  4. Supper is Smog's tenth album, released in March 2003 on Domino Records in Europe and on Drag City in North America under his then-alias (Smog). It was recorded by Jeremy Lemos from August to September 2002 and mastered by Nick Webb at Abbey Road Studios.
  5. Food consumed before going to bed; Any meal eaten in the evening; dinner eaten in the evening, rather than at noon; A drinker, especially one who drinks slowly (i.e., one who sups); To consume a snack before retiring; To eat dinner (see above)
  6. The principal meal of the day among the Jews. It was partaken of in the early part of the evening (Mar 6:21; Joh 12:2; Co1 11:21). (See LORD'S SUPPER.)
  7. Spoil taken by our Lord in battle against the "beast," "false prophet" and "the kings of the earth." Marriage supper is a celebration affair.
  8. n. Scottish. When food is served in a chip shop with chips, it becomes a supper. What the English call fish and chips, we Scots call a fish supper.
  9. Once again, depending on the Dillo, this can be either the noon or the evening meal.
  10. late evening coffee/desserts