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The state of being superior,
  1. The state of being superior
    • - an attempt to establish superiority over others
    • - the allies have achieved air superiority
  2. A supercilious manner or attitude
    • - he attacked the media's smug superiority

  1. the quality of being superior
  2. displaying a sense of being better than others; "he hated the white man's superiority and condescension"
  3. transcendence: the state of excelling or surpassing or going beyond usual limits
  4. "Superiority" is a science fiction short story by Arthur C. Clarke, first published in 1951. It depicts an arms race, and shows how the side which is more technologically advanced can be defeated, despite its apparent superiority, because of its own organizational flaws and its willingness to ...
  5. Wh-questions are said to show a superiority effect in the sense that in a question containing more than one wh-expression, it is the superior (i.e. highest) wh-expression which moves to the front of the interrogative clause. See §6.4.
  6. An illusion created by the ego. It believes that differences can imply better or worse. Good and bad are simply judgments and have no basis in ultimate reality. A tall tree is no better than a short tree. It is simply taller. Love is no better than fear. It’s just more loving.
  7. A dimension of a defensive communication climate exemplified when a group member continually reinforces his or her strength or position over others.
  8. Attitude or opinion that another individual is not beneath oneself. Opposite is equality.
  9. The word "superior" has undergone a strange mutation of meaning. Until relatively recently, it was used to mean "the best" or "the highest". Today, it is used more often to condemn or criticize a person, as in "they think they're so superior". ...