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Light from the sun,
  1. Light from the sun
    • - a shaft of sunlight

  1. the rays of the sun; "the shingles were weathered by the sun and wind"
  2. Sunlight, in the broad sense, is the total frequency spectrum of electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun. On Earth, sunlight is filtered through the Earth's atmosphere, and solar radiation is obvious as daylight when the Sun is above the horizon.
  3. Sunlight is a 1977 Jazz-funk fusion album by keyboardist Herbie Hancock. Originally a UK import album, it features Hancock's vocals through a vocoder as well as performances by drummer Tony Williams and bassist Jaco Pastorius.
  4. Sunlight is a brand of household soap originally produced by the British company Lever Brothers in 1884. Designed for washing clothes and general household use, the success of the product led to the name for the company's village for its workers, Port Sunlight. ...
  5. Sunlight is a single from Matt Pond PA's seventh album Last Light. It was released in 2007.
  6. Sunlight is a song done by DJ Sammy with vocals done by Loona. It was the first single off the album Heaven.
  7. For African Violets and other plants, a source of energy necessary to turn carbon, hydrogen and oxygen into plant carbohydrates during photosynthesis. To perform at their best, African Violets need a lot of indirect sunlight.
  8. Sunlight refers to the light coming directly from the sun itself, passing straight through the atmosphere without reflection, refraction or diffusion. ...
  9. earth. 1983. Rainbow Pony. blue with rainbow hair. She has a sun peaking out from behind a silve cloud on her rear.
  10. light reaching the observer directly from the sun.  Contrast with skylight.  Note that the sun’s rays reaching the Earth are always taken as parallel, but coming from an extended source (see semi-diameter).
  11. (in  sunlight (solar radiation))
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