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subsumed, past tense; subsumed, past participle; subsumes, 3rd person singular present; subsuming, present participle;
  1. Include or absorb (something) in something else
    • - most of these phenomena can be subsumed under two broad categories

  1. (subsume) contain or include; "This new system subsumes the old one"
  2. (subsume) consider (an instance of something) as part of a general rule or principle
  3. (subsume) To take up into or under, as individual under species, species under genus, or particular under universal; to place (any one cognition) under another as belonging to it; to include or contain under something else; To consider an occurrence as part of a principle or rule; to colligate
  4. (Subsume) The incorporation of an idea, concept, or skill in a more complex framework (e.g. using parts of speech to learn the structure of sentences and to master sentence fluency).
  5. (subsume) include under a rule
  6. (subsume) verb - 1. to include within a larger class, group, order, etc. 2. to show (an idea, instance, etc.) to be covered by a rule, principle, etc.
  7. (subsumes(+General, +Specific)) is true when Specific is an instance of General. It will bind variables in General (but not those in Specific) so that General becomes identical to Specific.