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subdivided, past participle; subdivides, 3rd person singular present; subdividing, present participle; subdivided, past tense;
  1. Divide (something that has already been divided or that is a separate unit)
    • - the heading was subdivided into eight separate sections

  1. form into subdivisions; "The cells subdivided"
  2. divide into smaller and smaller pieces; "This apartment cannot be subdivided any further!"
  3. (subdivided) Having the property that something divided into classes has had the classes themselves further divided
  4. (Subdivided) A documentary film about community featuring Robert Putnam. Retrieved December 22, 2007.
  5. (Subdividing) is the division of a parcel or tract of land into two or more parcels, tracts or lots for sale, rent, lease, or condominium.
  6. To assist in counting rhythms both players and conductors often divide the beats into smaller but equal divisions, hence the term "subdivide." The commonly used syllables for subdivision are shown below.
  7. To divide an area or tract of land into four or more lots within a calendar year for the purpose of transfer of ownership or building development when such parcel exists as a unit or contiguous units under a single ownership as shown on the tax roll for the year preceding the division of property.
  8. means to divide land into lots for the purpose of sale or development.
  9. The act of splitting up a beat to better understand its length or count. For example counting a quarter note as “1 +” for the purpose of feeling the entire length of the note more accurately. An example of hopping between jump ropes to keep time is given.
  10. This tool divides any selected polygons with three or four sides into smaller polygons. This makes an object appear smoother, but also makes the model more complex.