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straps, plural;
  1. Fasten or secure in a specified place or position with a strap or seat belt
    • - I had to strap the bag to my bicycle
    • - the children were strapped into their car seats
  2. Beat (someone) with a strip of leather
    • - I expected when my dad walked in that he'd strap him
  1. A strip of leather, cloth, or other flexible material, often with a buckle, used to fasten, secure, or carry something or to hold on to something
    • - her bra strap
    • - the strap of his shoulder bag
  2. A strip of metal, often hinged, used to fasten or secure something

  3. Punishment by beating with a strip of leather

  1. tie with a strap
  2. an elongated leather strip (or a strip of similar material) for binding things together or holding something in position
  3. flog: beat severely with a whip or rod; "The teacher often flogged the students"; "The children were severely trounced"
  4. hanger consisting of a loop of leather suspended from the ceiling of a bus or train; passengers hold onto it
  5. a band that goes over the shoulder and supports a garment or bag
  6. whip consisting of a strip of leather used in flogging
  7. A strap, sometimes also called strop, is an elongated flap or ribbon, usually of fabric or leather.
  8. Serine-threonine kinase receptor-associated protein is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the STRAP gene.
  9. Strapped is a 1993 television crime-thriller/drama, produced by HBO Films for HBO. It starred, William James Stiggers Jr., Chi Ali and was the debut film of Bokeem Woodbine and rapper Fredro Starr. Directed by Forest Whitaker, it was the actor's first feature film as a director.
  10. Strapping, also known as bundling, is the process of applying a strap to an item to combine, hold, reinforce, or fasten it. The strap may also be referred to as strapping. Strapping is most commonly used in the packaging industry.
  11. (Strapping (punishment)) Strapping refers to the use of a strap as an implement of corporal punishment. It is typically a broad and heavy strip of leather, often with a hard handle, the more flexible 'blade' being applied to the offender.
  12. (The Straps) The Straps are an English streetpunk band, formed in 1978 in Battersea, South London. Jim Walker was a drummer for the band in the early 1980s. Other members included Andi Sexgang, and Simon and Jonathan Werner from The Pack, who later became Theatre of Hate.
  13. (strapped) muscular; armed, having a weapon; poor
  14. (strapping) Adhesive plaster for strapping injuries; A length of narrow material to be used for straps, or straps collectively; Of a young woman full of vigor; lusty; Of a person of either sex; Having a sturdy muscular physique; robust
  15. (Strapped) (strapt) v. past participle.  Carrying a weapon.   “When Shaft went underground, he was always strapped.”  [Etym., African American]
  16. (strapped) needy or wanting (e.g. strapped for cash)
  17. (Strapping) Thin flat bands used to secure load to pallet.
  18. (Strapping) Installing roofing felts so that they run parallel with the slope. Not a recommended installation method for slopes that are 1:12 or less.
  19. (Strapping) A flexible framing material used to even a surface prior to installation.
  20. (Strapping) Also known as purlins or battens can be 1” x 4” or 2” x 4” wood strips nailed to the roof deck or rafters across the horizontal face, upon which the roofing is attached. ...
  21. (Strapping) Decorative filigree or lead came that has been flattened, used to hide a seam without obstructing the general design.
  22. (Strapping) High tensile steel or PET plastic material having a flattened, rectangular cross section applied to restrain cotton bales after compression.
  23. (Strapping) Steel or plastic banding that will secure the product to the pallet.
  24. (Strapping) The act of installing a permanent connection between a Point of Termination (POT) Bay and a collocated party's physical collocation node.
  25. (STRAPS) If you're looking for bold highlights, chunking is the way to go. Your stylist will randomly section out large chunks of hair and apply color or bleach to them.