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stowing, present participle; stowed, past participle; stows, 3rd person singular present; stowed, past tense;
  1. Pack or store (an object) carefully and neatly in a particular place
    • - the bathhouse offers baskets in which to stow your clothes
    • - she stowed the map away in the glove compartment

  1. fill by packing tightly; "stow the cart"
  2. (stowing) stowage: the act of packing or storing away
  3. Stow was a hundred of Suffolk, consisting of 22,710 acres.
  4. GNU Stow is a GNU package manager which operates by installing software packages into their own directories and then symlinking the corresponding files into their expected locations in the filesystem hierarchy.
  5. A place; to put something away in a compact and tidy manner; to put something away to store it in a space saving manner and over long time
  6. (Stowed) Something that has been properly put away on a boat.
  7. (Stowed) When something is put in its proper place it is referred to as being "Stowed".
  8. The placing and securing of cargo or containers on a vessel or on an aircraft. This also includes placing and securing cargo in a container.
  9. To neatly arrange suspension lines on the deployment bag or steering toggles in their keepers.
  10. To pack or secure equipment on a boat.
  11. To put an object away onboard a boat, to store.
  12. To pack compactly and safely.
  13. A term for the stowage of the cable in a cable tank.
  14. To secure or put away gear or other things that could get lost or damaged when the boat is underway.
  15. Stow you; be silent, or hold your peace.
  16. In Natural, the term "stow" refers to the Natural system command STOW. This command saves and, at the same time, catalogs (compiles) source code as a source object and as a cataloged object in a Natural system file. Both objects then have the same time stamps.
  17. to store, or to put away e.g. personal effects, tackle, or cargo.
  18. To put away. To stow cargo in a hold
  19. To arrange or place items where they belong
  20. To put an item in its proper place.
  21. To load with cargo or provisions
  22. my jawing tackle. Stop talking.