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  1. floor: a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale; "what level is the office on?"
  2. (storeyed) storied: having stories as indicated; "a six-storied building"
  3. A storey (British English) or story (American English) is any level part of a building that has a permanent roof and could be used by people (for living, work, storage, recreation, etc.). The plurals are storeys and stories, respectively.
  4. Storey is a surname, and may refer to
  5. Philanthropy was a feature of the Victorian era and Thomas Storey, Lancaster oilcloth tycoon, was a man of his time. ...
  6. A floor or level of a building or ship
  7. That part of a building between any floor or between the floor and roof.
  8. The space contained between two consecutive floors or between one floor and the roof.
  9. Height considerations: A storey is a floor that's above ground. Most homes are either one or two storeys. If your house has more than one storey, your roofing job may require more specialized equipment.
  10. Piso (m), planta (f)
  11. The vertical division of a building to provide different floors. In the UK the storey you enter from the outside is the ground floor followed by the first floor, in America the ground floor is referred to as the first or principle floor followed by the second floor etc.