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stopovers, plural;
  1. A break in a journey
    • - the one-day stopover in Honolulu
  2. A place where a journey is broken
    • - an inviting stopover between Quebec City and Montreal

  1. a stopping place on a journey; "there is a stopover to change planes in Chicago"
  2. stop: a brief stay in the course of a journey; "they made a stopover to visit their friends"
  3. In transportation, a layover, also known as lays over or stopover, is some form of a break between parts of a single trip.
  4. A short interruption in a journey or the place visited during such an interruption; Alternative spelling of stop-over
  5. When a traveler leaves the airport at which they have arrived. The passenger must complete arrival formalities and when they return to the airport they must check in again. ...
  6. Suppose you were flying from New York to Los Angeles, and you wanted to stop and visit your aunt in Indianapolis on the way.  Such a visit would constitute a stopover in Indianapolis. ...
  7. a break in the made by the passenger, lasting over 24 hours (providing that the tarriff allows it)
  8. A temporary stop during a long journey.
  9. A planned stop of at least one night (or more than 4 hours domestically) before continuing the next part of a flight itinerary.
  10. A planned overnight (or longer) stop on a ticketed journey.
  11. an overnight stay (or possibly longer) at a location en-route to your final destination.  This is usually done to break up a very long journey eg. London to Sydney with a stopover in Hong Kong.
  12. When you leave the airport for more than 24 hours
  13. A break point along the route between the origin and the final destination where traveler may leave the airport and recheck-in for another departure on another day.
  14. A stopover, for a continuous journey of an individual or a group of individuals, means any place at which the individual or group embarks or disembarks a conveyance used in the provision of a passenger transportation service included in the continuous journey, for any reason other than ...
  15. An intentional interruption of a flight along a direct route. Stopovers are allowed sometimes when flying on an award ticket. Length of stopover varies by airline.
  16. A planned stayover in a city for a day or more, while enroute to another destination. Sometimes adds significantly to the cost of an air ticket.
  17. A deliberate interruption of a through journey by the passenger at a station between the station of initial origin and the station of ultimate destination.
  18. A stopover occurs when a member arrives at an intermediate point during his/her travel and is not scheduled to depart within 24 hours of arrival. A break of less than 24 hours is considered a transit.