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Not able to produce children or young,
  1. Not able to produce children or young
    • - the disease had made him sterile
  2. (of a plant) Not able to produce fruit or seeds

  3. (of land or soil) Too poor in quality to produce crops

  4. Lacking in imagination, creativity, or excitement; uninspiring or unproductive
    • - he found the fraternity's teachings sterile
  5. Free from bacteria or other living microorganisms; totally clean
    • - a sterile needle and syringes

  1. incapable of reproducing; "an infertile couple"
  2. aseptic: free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms; "a sterile operating area"; "aseptic surgical instruments"; "aseptic surgical techniques"
  3. deficient in originality or creativity; lacking powers of invention; "a sterile ideology lacking in originality"; "unimaginative development of a musical theme"; "uninspired writing"
  4. (sterility) asepsis: (of non-living objects) the state of being free of pathogenic organisms
  5. (sterility) the state of being unable to produce offspring; in a woman it is an inability to conceive; in a man it is an inability to impregnate
  6. unable to reproduce (or procreate); unprofitable; germless; free from all living or viable microorganisms
  7. (sterilely) in a sterile manner
  8. (Sterility) The absence of living microorganisms.
  9. (sterility) An irreversible condition that prevents conception.
  10. (Sterility) Not able to produce live gametes
  11. (Sterility) being unable to procreate because of some defect in the reproductive organs.
  12. (sterility) The state of absolute infertility or complete infertility, with no chance of getting pregnant without special help. Causes include azoospermia, anovulation (especially primary ovarian failure), and blocked fallopian tubes. ...
  13. (sterility) inability to reproduce. Sterilization is the process of surgically altering the reproductive organs (e.g., cutting the fallopian tubes or vas deferens) as a permanent method of contraception.
  14. Completely devoid of life. No brewery - professional or home - will ever be sterile. See sanitary.
  15. Completely clean and free from living micro-organisms. Things usually are not sterile until you boil them or steam them.
  16. Free from living organisms.
  17. Condition of a medical device that is free from viable micro-organisms.
  18. free of any microorganisms, viruses or other pathogens.
  19. (1) without reproductive structures, not producing seed, spores or pollen; (2) of seeds, spores or pollen, not capable of germination. cf. fertile.
  20. Free of living organisms; the terms usually refers to lack of microorganisms or bacteria. Process of sterilization refers to killing all life forms by heating, chemical treatment or other means.
  21. Not reproductively functional; pertaining to a plant or plant part that does not produce or is not associated with the production of functional spores, pollen, ovules, or seeds (e.g., sterile frond, sterile stamen, sterile flower, sterile floret). (see fertile)
  22. The absence of all life on or in an object. This is an absolute term; there can be no such description as "nearly sterile," "partially sterile," etc.
  23. A copy that can't be copied - the digital equivalent of a mule. Sony is flogging the idea of sterile CD copies as a way of providing personal-use copies of audio CDs while still preventing privacy. ...
  24. In cycads, that part of a cone or megasporophyll lacking functional sexual parts; infertile. Cf. fertile.
  25. Barren; applied to flowers wanting a pistil, or to stamens destitute of anthers or pollen.