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steps, plural;
  1. Lift and set down one's foot or one foot after the other in order to walk somewhere or move to a new position
    • - Claudia tried to step back
    • - I accidentally stepped on his foot
  2. Used as a polite or deferential way of asking someone to walk a short distance for a particular purpose
    • - please step this way
  3. Perform a dance
    • - they stepped it down the room between the lines of dancers
  4. Take a particular course of action
    • - young men have temporarily stepped out of the labor market
  5. Set up (a mast) in its step

  1. An act or movement of putting one leg in front of the other in walking or running
    • - Ron took a step back
    • - she turned and retraced her steps
  2. The distance covered by such a movement
    • - Richard came a couple of steps nearer
  3. A person's particular way of walking
    • - she left the room with a springy step
  4. One of the sequences of movement of the feet that make up a dance

  5. A short or easily walked distance
    • - the market is only a short step from the end of the lake
  6. A flat surface, esp. one in a series, on which to place one's foot when moving from one level to another
    • - the bottom step of the staircase
    • - a flight of marble steps
  7. A doorstep
    • - there was a pint of milk on the step
  8. A rung of a ladder

  9. A stepladder

  10. A foothold cut in a slope of ice

  11. A block, typically fixed to the vessel's keel, on which the base of a mast is seated

  12. An abrupt change in the value of a quantity, esp. voltage

  13. A measure or action, esp. one of a series taken in order to deal with or achieve a particular thing
    • - the government must take steps to discourage age discrimination
    • - a major step forward in the fight for justice
  14. A stage in a gradual process
    • - sales are up, which is a step in the right direction
  15. A particular position or grade on an ascending or hierarchical scale
    • - the first step on the managerial ladder
  16. An interval in a scale; a tone (whole step) or semitone (half step)

  17. Step aerobics
    • - a step class

  1. measure: any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal; "the situation called for strong measures"; "the police took steps to reduce crime"
  2. shift or move by taking a step; "step back"
  3. footstep: the distance covered by a step; "he stepped off ten paces from the old tree and began to dig"
  4. put down or press the foot, place the foot; "For fools rush in where angels fear to tread"; "step on the brake"
  5. cause (a computer) to execute a single command
  6. the act of changing location by raising the foot and setting it down; "he walked with unsteady steps"
  7. Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP) is an international initiative, created to develop solutions to address issues associated with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). ...
  8. Step (also Olovyannaya) is an air base in Chita, Russia located 14 km northwest of Yasnogorsk. It is a large air base with two revetment areas and numerous military fortifications. It is near an SS-11 missile field that was dismantled in the mid-1990s.
  9. ; Artist ; Album ; Released ; Catalog Number ; Price
  10. VA Tech Wabag GmbH is a multinational company with dual headquarters in Chennai, India and Vienna, Austria. Founded in 1924, the company is the largest in the world specializing in water treatment for municipal and industrial users. The company has completed a total of 6000 projects.
  11. ISO 10303 is an ISO standard for the computer-interpretable representation and exchange of product manufacturing information. Its official title is: Automation systems and integration -- Product data representation and exchange. ...
  12. In music, a step, or conjunct motionBonds, Mark Evan (2006). A History of Music in Western Culture, p.123. 2nd ed. ISBN 0-13-193104-0., is a linear or successive interval between two pitches which are consecutive scale degrees. ...
  13. An advance or movement made from one foot to the other; a pace; A rest, or one of a set of rests, for the foot in ascending or descending, as a stair, or a rung of a ladder; A running board where passengers step to get on and off the bus; The space passed over by one movement of the foot in ...
  14. (Stepping) A historically black tradition characterized by synchronized hand foot movements, along with singing, dancing, chanting, and acting.  Many Latino/Latina and Multicultural groups participate in stepping as well.
  15. (Stepping) A show put on by NPHC organization that involves synchronized percussive movement, singing, speaking, chanting, and drama.
  16. (Stepping) Each time Intel or Cyrix releases a new revision of processor, they give it a separate stepping number. Steppings are usually issued to correct errata (aka 'bugs') that have been discovered in processors, or that signify a voltage change. ...
  17. (Stepping) Repeating the same image from one area of a sheet to another.
  18. (Stepping) The spearguide may be lower or higher than the trigger. Or the muzzle might be lower or higher than the guide.
  19. (Stepping) Unsmooth packing, with transversally mispositioned sections.
  20. (stepping) The code used to identify the revision of a processor. New masks are introduced to build each successive stepping, incorporating any changes necessary to fix known bugs in prior steppings.
  21. (stepping) lumber designed to be used for stair treads. Customarily surfaced three sides and bull-nosed on one edge.
  22. (Steps) To dream that you ascend steps, denotes that fair prospects will relieve former anxiety. To descend them, you may look for misfortune. To fall down them, you are threatened with unexpected failure in your affairs. See Stairs.
  23. (Steps) The box is set in a fixed position, so the vaulter must adjust their approach. This helps ensure they're in the proper position when attempting to vault.
  24. (Steps) Customer MUST inform MJR of any steps present to the area of setup. Maximum of 20 steps allowed for Bounce Houses, 10 steps for larger inflatables, and absolutely no steps allowed for the Bounce Fusion Obstacle Course, Dunk Tank 350, Dunk Tank 500, Mechanical Surfboard Ride, and ...
  25. "The Steps of the Cathedral". One of the e-mail lists for the Kingdom of An Tir. Used to avoid talking about modern appliances in a medieval context; as in "See you on the Steps."