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stationeries, plural;
  1. Writing paper, esp. with matching envelopes

  2. Writing and other office materials

  1. paper cut to an appropriate size for writing letters; usually with matching envelopes
  2. Stationery has historically meant a wide gamut of materials: paper and office supplies, writing implements, greeting cards, glue, pencil case etc.
  3. writing materials, envelopes, office materials; Common misspelling of stationary
  4. Covers a broad range of forms, books, reports, and items of miscellaneous nature held by the State Law Publisher.
  5. Refers to the capability of having different kinds of data within a single application (such as plain notes and outlines in the Notepad) and/or to the capability of having different ways of viewing the same data (such as the Card and All Info views in the Names file). ...
  6. Letterheads, compliment slips, report covers, NCR sets, envelopes.
  7. A term used to represent product such as envelopes, notepads, greeting cards, paper clips, staples, pens and even more. But, basically it use to represent paper.
  8. In email, a series of design elements (background colors, textures, graphics, fonts, formatting) for outgoing emails
  9. The stationery used by the franchise, such as business cards, letterheads, complements slips, sales brochures and flyers. The type of stationery used will depend on the industry the franchise is operating in. A franchisee may receive a stationaey pack as part of the initial franchise fee. ...
  10. Letterhead, envelopes, cards, and other printed materials for business correspondence.
  11. paper, either plain or preprinted for use in word processing