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starters, plural;
  1. A person or thing that starts an event, activity, or process, in particular

  2. The first course of a meal; an appetizer

  3. An automatic device for starting a machine, esp. the engine of a vehicle

  4. A person who gives the signal for the start of a race

  5. A horse, competitor, or player taking part in a race or game at the start
    • - the trainer has confirmed Cool Ground as a definite starter
  6. The pitcher who starts the game

  7. A pitcher who normally starts games, and seldom is used as a relief pitcher

  8. A person or thing that starts in a specified way, esp. with reference to time or speed
    • - he was a late starter in photography
    • - I'm just a slow starter
  9. A topic, question, or other item with which to start a group discussion or course of study
    • - material to act as a starter for discussion
  10. A bacterial culture used to initiate souring in making yogurt, cheese, or butter

  11. A preparation of chemicals to initiate the breakdown of vegetable matter in making compost

  1. an electric motor for starting an engine
  2. a contestant in a team sport who is in the game at the beginning
  3. the official who signals the beginning of a race or competition
  4. newcomer: any new participant in some activity
  5. appetizer: food or drink to stimulate the appetite (usually served before a meal or as the first course)
  6. crank: a hand tool consisting of a rotating shaft with parallel handle
  7. A pre-ferment is a fermentation starter used in bread making, and is referred to as an indirect method. It may also be called mother dough.
  8. Fermentation starters (called simply starters within the corresponding context) are preparations to assist the beginning of the fermentation process in preparation of various foods and s. A starter culture is a microbiological culture which actually performs fermentation. ...
  9. An entrée (pronounced , French "entrance") is one of several savoury courses in a Western-style formal meal service, specifically a smaller course that precedes the main course. ...
  10. Someone who starts something. The person who starts a race by firing a gun or waving a flag (baseball) A starting pitcher; Something that starts something. ...
  11. (Starters) The first of three Cambridge Young Learner Exams (with Movers and Flyers)
  12. (Starters) players designated by the coach to take the field to begin a game.
  13. Spanish starters are very special and they are popularly savored in other parts of the world too. Tapas, is the name used to refer array of finger foods from Spanish cuisine. The tapas are usually served in the beginning of banquet meals. ...
  14. A small volume of wort mixed with yeast. Used to increase the yeast population before introduction into the main wort. Liquid yeast cultures should always be used with a starter, as the population is not nearly sufficient to achieve ideal fermentation. ...
  15. A copy of the last policy or report issued by a title insurer which described the title to land upon which a new search is to be made. In some states, this is called a back title letter or back title certificate.
  16. A bacterial culture which produces lactic acid.
  17. A small volume of wort to which yeast is added, in order to activate it before it is pitched into the main batch.
  18. Device for starting a fluorescent lamp that provides for the necessary preheating of the electrodes and/or causes a voltage surge in combination with the series ballast.
  19. Meet official who fires gun or sounds horn that begins each heat of an event.
  20. A player who is the first to play his position within a given game or season. Depending on the position and the game situation, this player may be replaced or share time with one or more players later in the game. ...
  21. the official at a meet who provides the starting signal to each heat of swimmers.  This referee informs swimmers to step upon their respective blocks, for timers to clear their watches, and then provides the command "take your mark," and after all swimmers become motionless, will activate the horn.
  22. A device used with a ballast to start preheat fluorescent lamps.
  23. The pitcher who beings the game and pitches until he wins the game or is replaced by a relief pitcher.
  24. The person responsible for starting a harness race. The starter controls the start of the race from the back of the mobile starting gate.
  25. An electronic module or device used to assist in starting a discharge lamp, typically by providing a high-voltage surge (See IGNITOR ).