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staggered, past participle; staggered, past tense; staggers, 3rd person singular present; staggering, present participle;
  1. Walk or move unsteadily, as if about to fall
    • - he staggered to his feet, swaying a little
  2. Continue in existence or operation uncertainly or precariously
    • - the council staggered from one crisis to the next
  3. Waver in purpose; hesitate

  4. (of a blow) Cause (someone) to walk or move unsteadily, as if about to fall
    • - the collision staggered her and she fell
  5. Astonish or deeply shock
    • - I was staggered to find it was six o'clock
    • - the staggering bills for maintenance and repair
  6. Arrange (events, payments, hours, etc.) so that they do not occur at the same time; spread over a period of time
    • - meetings are staggered throughout the day
  7. Arrange (objects or parts of an object) in a zigzag order or so that they are not in line
    • - stagger the screws at each joint

  1. (staggering) astonishing: so surprisingly impressive as to stun or overwhelm; "such an enormous response was astonishing"; "an astounding achievement"; "the amount of money required was staggering"; "suffered a staggering defeat"; "the figure inside the boucle dress was stupefying"
  2. referring to something that has been arranged in a way that is not uniform; Astonished, taken aback
  3. (staggering) Incredible, overwhelming, amazing
  4. (Staggering) Weakness or wobbly when trying to walk
  5. (Staggering) Similar to Virtua Fighter 4, certain moves will make the opponent 'stagger' in which they stumble around for a bit, stunned and open. However, the opponent can expedite recovery by shaking the joystick/"mashing" the directional pad back and forth quickly.
  6. (Staggering) means walking unevenly and about to stumble or fall. What’s the word?
  7. (staggering) ply drop-off to avoid ply build-up.
  8. Descriptive of fasteners, joints, or members arranged in two or more rows so that the beginning of each row is offset from the adjacent one.