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squeaks, plural;
  1. Make a high-pitched sound or cry
    • - he oiled the hinges to stop them from squeaking
  2. Say something in a nervous or excited high-pitched tone
    • - “You're scaring me,” she squeaked
  3. Inform on someone

  4. Succeed in achieving something by a very narrow margin
    • - the bill squeaked through with just six votes to spare
  5. Make or have just enough money for basic necessities
    • - she was squeaking by on her minimum-wage job
  1. A short, high-pitched sound or cry
    • - the door opened with a slight squeak
  2. A single remark, statement, or communication
    • - I didn't hear a squeak from him for months

  1. a short high-pitched noise; "the squeak of shoes on powdery snow"
  2. whine: make a high-pitched, screeching noise; "The door creaked when I opened it slowly"; "My car engine makes a whining noise"
  3. close call: something achieved (or escaped) by a narrow margin
  4. (squeaking) screaky: having or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge
  5. Squeak! was a children's TV show made by SMG Productions (now known as STV Productions) for the ITV network children's strand CITV. The show was re-broadcast on STV in 2009 as part of their children's strand wknd@stv. There is a DVD boxset available which features all the episodes. ...
  6. The Squeak programming language is a Smalltalk implementation. Some Squeak users refer to Squeak as a programming language rather than as a Smalltalk implementation. It is object-oriented, class-based and reflective.
  7. (The Squeaks) This is a list of fictional characters in the Kirby video game series developed by Nintendo.
  8. A short, high-pitched sound, as of two objects rubbing together, or the calls of small animals; A card game similar to group solitaire; To emit a short, high-pitched sound; To inform, to squeal; To speak or sound in a high-pitched manner; To empty the pile of 13 cards a player deals to ...
  9. (squeaking) to escape or to get by narrowly.
  10. (Squeaks) Information obtained by the overt use of intimidation or torture.
  11. (Squeaks) Walk heavily over the floor, bouncing on your toes to detect squeaks, creaks.
  12. The sound made by the Newton device after pressing and holding the pen on the screen until a large dot appears. Used to indicate the start of an action to selecting a block of text or a shape. See also Heavy Mark. Source: ER
  13. A sound resembling that of an unlubricated hinge. A sound made by PVC or other material rubbing on glass, i.e. a windshield.
  14. the trademark sound from a fresh cheese curd. Squeak should be high-pitched, audible with every bite and sound comparable to "balloons trying to neck," (The New York Times). *Note: Squeak may be lost 12 hours after opening package.
  15. An expression used particularly with Two-stroke engines where the Pistons have run without sufficient lubrication. It is caused by a poor Injection system or a pre-mix that is too lean (not enough oil in the Gasoline).
  16. The only sign that the woodwind reeds give that they are actually playing.
  17. A narrow escape, a chance: he had a squeak for his life.
  18. qıjıldaģan tawuş, qıjıldarģa
  19. Infant distress signal