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sportsmen, plural;
  1. A man who takes part in a sport, esp. as a professional

  2. A person who behaves sportingly

  3. A man who hunts or shoots wild animals as a pastime

  1. sport: someone who engages in sports
  2. Sportsman EP (TPCD4) was Lola Barbershop's first and only official release and was released in 2000. It's an EP with 5 tracks released on the Swedish label "Torpedo Records".
  3. The first British newspaper entitled The Sportsman began publishing from 1865, some six years after the Sporting Life. It ran until 1924.
  4. The Sportsman was a daily published in the United Kingdom for seven months during 2006.
  5. (Sportsmen) A sportsperson (gendered as sportsman or sportswoman) or athlete is a person trained to compete in a sport involving physical strength, speed or endurance. Sportspeople may be professional or amateur.
  6. (The Sportsmen (comic)) The Sportsmen were foes of Alec Swan, also known as Firearm. They first appeared in Firearm #1, from Malibu Comics.
  7. A type of stock car with a light body and engine modified in certain limited ways.
  8. resembles the Sportsmaster.