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Performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus,
  1. Performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus
    • - the audience broke into spontaneous applause
    • - a spontaneous display of affection
  2. (of a person) Having an open, natural, and uninhibited manner

  3. (of a process or event) Occurring without apparent external cause
    • - spontaneous miscarriages
  4. (of a plant) Growing naturally and without being tended or cultivated

  5. (of movement or activity in an organism) Instinctive or involuntary
    • - the spontaneous mechanical activity of circular smooth muscle

  1. happening or arising without apparent external cause; "spontaneous laughter"; "spontaneous combustion"; "a spontaneous abortion"
  2. ad-lib: said or done without having been planned or written in advance; "he made a few ad-lib remarks"
  3. (spontaneously) ad lib: without advance preparation; "he spoke ad lib"
  4. Self generated; happening without any apparent external cause; Done by one's own free choice, or without planning; proceeding from natural feeling or native tendency without external constraint; arising from a momentary impulse; controlled and directed internally : self-active : spontaneous ...
  5. (spontaneously) occurring without the help of an external agent
  6. (Spontaneity) How comfortable you are with making plans at the last minute.
  7. (Spontaneity) The copying is at the instance and inspiration of the individual professor, and the inspiration and decision to use the work, and the moment of its use for maximum teaching effectiveness, are so close in time that it would be unreasonable to expect a timely reply to a request for ...
  8. (Spontaneity) employees display a willingness and readiness to approach customers actively and take care of their problems. They show they can think for themselves and do not just go by the book.
  9. (Spontaneity) the capacity of an individual to give an adequate response to Glossary of Morenean terms 159F a new situation, or a new response to an old situation. ...
  10. (Spontaneity) unpremeditated, impulsive; Heartfelt response. This is a Soul quality. (see Soul Qualities)
  11. (spontaneity) (n) impulsive action, unplanned events
  12. (spontaneity) A dimension of a supportive communication climate exemplified by a group member who is open and honest with other group members; creates immediacy with other group members.
  13. (spontaneity) Characteristic of interaction in which individuals speak freely and straightforwardly without editing or developing strategies of control; encourages supportiveness; opposite is strategy.
  14. As a type of mutation, a mutation that has occurred in the absence of any experimental mutagenic treatment, such as irradiation or treatment with chemical mutagens.
  15. An unconstrained form of divination, free from any particular medium, and actually a generalization of all types of divination. The answer comes from whatever object the diviner happens to see or hear. ...
  16. Used to describe a seizure that is not due to the environment.
  17. Something that happens all by itself, without any outside stimuli
  18. A spontaneous process is defined as one which will either occur immediately at room temperature, or which, once initiated by heating, will sustain itself until the start materials are exhausted.
  19. intracranial hypotension may occur as a result of an occult leak of CSF into another body cavity. More commonly, decreased ICP is the result of lumbar puncture or other medical procedures involving the brain or spinal cord. ...
  20. a spontaneous change will occur by itself. However, there is nothing in the concept of a spontaneous reaction that tells how fast the reaction is occurring (this depends on the temperature, and the activation energy). A spontaneous reaction may be either fast, or slow. ...
  21. occurring without external energy input. Spontaneous ignition is normally one of the greatest fears of pyrotechnists and all practical steps are taken to avoid it. However, the phenomenon can be used deliberately in such devices as igniters used for sabotage of enemy property.
  22. Loss of foetus occurring naturally.
  23. Proceeding from natural feeling, temperament or disposition without restraint.
  24. doing something without planning in advance
  25. Not planned but done because you suddenly want to do it/done naturally, without being forced or practised