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sponsorships, plural;
  1. The position of being a sponsor
    • - the company's sponsorship of the tournament
  2. Financial support received from a sponsor
    • - he has attracted more than $50,000 in sponsorship

  1. the act of sponsoring (either officially or financially)
  2. (sponsor) assume sponsorship of
  3. (sponsor) patron: someone who supports or champions something
  4. (sponsor) presenter: an advocate who presents a person (as for an award or a degree or an introduction etc.)
  5. (sponsor) patronize: do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of
  6. To sponsor something is to support an event, activity, person, or organization financially or through the provision of products or services. A sponsor is the individual or group that provides the support, similar to a benefactor.
  7. (Sponsor (legislative)) A sponsor, in the United States Congress, is a senator or representative who introduces a bill or amendment and is its chief advocate. Committees are occasionally identified as sponsors of legislation as well. A sponsor is also sometimes called a "primary sponsor."
  8. (Sponsor (military, naval ship naming)) The ceremonies involved in naming and launching naval ships are based in traditions thousands of years old.
  9. (Sponsor (Teairra Marí song)) At That Point was supposed to be the second studio album by American R&B singer Teairra Marí, produced by Fo'Reel Entertainment in partnership with Warner Bros. Records. ...
  10. The state or practice of being a sponsor; The aid or support provided by a sponsor; backing or patronage
  11. (sponsor) A person or organisation with some sort of responsibility for another person or organisation, especially where the responsibility has a religious, legal, or financial aspect; One that pays all or part of the cost of an event, a publication, or a media program, usually in exchange for ...
  12. (Sponsorships) Association with a website in some way that gives an advertiser some particular visibility and advantage above that of run-of-site advertising (Source: IAB)
  13. (Sponsorships) Burger King Classic · Burger King Stunners · Getafe CF (La Liga) · Joe Nemechek (NASCAR) · New Zealand Breakers (NBL) · Sauber (F1) · Tony Stewart (NASCAR)
  14. (Sponsorships) Special events or programs that exhibitors contribute money towards in return for recognition. AADE offers sponsorships at various budget levels.
  15. (Sponsorships) The donation of building use, materials, time, etc. by individuals, agencies, organizations, churches, schools etc., to a Girl Scout troop or community. Whenever someone does this they are “sponsoring” Girl Scouts. ...
  16. (Sponsorships) These are usually financial support in exchange for something from the receiving organisations, such as provision of advertising. The primary purpose of the sponsorship must be community rather than commercial benefit;
  17. (sponsorships) contracts between surfers and surf product companies, in which the companies pay the surfer to use and advertise the company’s products.
  18. Sponsorships are available on all section fronts (i.e. Main, Sports, Classified, etc.) Sponsorships are sold on a first-come, first served basis. Advertisers receive the entire inventory of impressions, with a guaranteed minimum number depending on the section.
  19. (Sponsor) 1) A person who fills out and submits an immigration visa petition.  Another name for sponsor is petitioner, OR 2) a person who completes an affidavit of support (I-864) for an immigrant visa applicant.
  20. (Sponsor) Advertiser; client, account, underwriter.
  21. (Sponsor) the legal entity that contributes capital to form a sponsored or association captive.
  22. (Sponsor) this commonly means the person paying for an online ad.  Sponsored links are the parts on a website that contain advertising.
  23. (Sponsor) an person in the UK who supports an applicant’s application for a visa.
  24. (Sponsor) An external funding source which enters into an agreement with the university to support research, instruction, public service or other sponsored activities. ...
  25. (Sponsor) An individual, company, institution, or organization which takes responsibility for the initiation, management, and/or financing of a clinical trial.