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splits, 3rd person singular present; split, past participle; split, past tense; splitting, present participle;
  1. Break or cause to break forcibly into parts, esp. into halves or along the grain
    • - the ice cracked and heaved and split
    • - split and toast the muffins
  2. Remove or be removed by breaking, separating, or dividing
    • - the point was pressed against the edge of the flint to split off flakes
    • - an incentive for regions to split away from countries
  3. Divide or cause to divide into parts or elements
    • - the river had split into a number of channels
    • - splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen
  4. Divide and share (something, esp. resources or responsibilities)
    • - they met up and split the booty
  5. Cause the fission of (an atom)

  6. Issue new shares of (stock) to existing stockholders in proportion to their current holdings

  7. (with reference to a group of people) Divide into two or more groups
    • - let's split up and find the other two
    • - once again the family was split up
  8. End a marriage or an emotional or working relationship
    • - I split up with my boyfriend a year ago
  9. (of an issue) Cause (a group) to be divided because of opposing views
    • - the party was deeply split over its future direction
  10. (of one's head) Suffer great pain from a headache
    • - my head is splitting
    • - a splitting headache
  11. Leave a place, esp. suddenly
    • - “Let's split,” Harvey said
  12. Betray the secrets of or inform on someone
    • - I told him I wouldn't split on him
  1. A tear, crack, or fissure in something, esp. down the middle or along the grain
    • - light squeezed through a small split in the curtain
  2. An instance or act of splitting or being split; a division
    • - the split between the rich and the poor
  3. A separation into parties or within a party; a schism
    • - the accusations caused a split in the party
  4. An ending of a marriage or an emotional or working relationship
    • - a much-publicized split with his wife
  5. (in gymnastics and dance) An act of leaping in the air or sitting down with the legs straight and at right angles to the upright body, one in front and the other behind, or one at each side
    • - I could never do a split before
  6. A thing that is divided or split, in particular

  7. A bun, roll, or cake that is split or cut in half

  8. A split osier used in basketwork

  9. Each strip of steel or cane that makes up the reed in a loom

  10. Half a bottle or glass of champagne or other liquor

  11. A single thickness of split hide

  12. (in bowling) A formation of standing pins after the first ball in which there is a gap between two pins or groups of pins, making a spare unlikely

  13. A drawn game or series

  14. A split-level house

  15. The time taken to complete a recognized part of a race, or the point in the race where such a time is measured

  1. extending the legs at right angles to the trunk (one in front and the other in back)
  2. divide: separate into parts or portions; "divide the cake into three equal parts"; "The British carved up the Ottoman Empire after World War I"
  3. disconnected: having been divided; having the unity destroyed; "Congress...gave the impression of...a confusing sum of disconnected local forces"-Samuel Lubell; "a league of disunited nations"- E.B.White; "a fragmented coalition"; "a split group"
  4. (especially of wood) cut or ripped longitudinally with the grain; "we bought split logs for the fireplace"
  5. a bottle containing half the usual amount
  6. cleave: separate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument; "cleave the bone"
  7. Zygosity refers to the similarity of genes for a trait (inherited characteristic) in an organism. If both genes are the same, the organism is homozygous for the trait. If both genes are different, the organism is heterozygous for that trait. ...
  8. Birds of Prey is a television drama series produced in 2002. The series was developed by Laeta Kalogridis for The WB and is loosely based on the Birds of Prey DC Comics series. Despite the weekly ratings of 7. ...
  9. A split is a situation in ten pin bowling in which the first ball of a frame knocks down the headpin (i.e., the "number 1" pin) but leaves standing two or more non-adjacent groups of one or more pins.
  10. Cipher System / By Night is an EP by the Swedish metal bands Cipher System and By Night. Released in 2004.
  11. Split is the largest Dalmatian city, the second-largest urban centre in Croatia, and the seat of Split-Dalmatia County. ...
  12. Split is a 1989 film directed by Chris Shaw, starring Timothy Dwight and Joan Bechtel. Starker (Dwight) attempts to counter the oppressive message of a big brother media and is forced to go into hiding.
  13. The acrobatic feat of spreading the legs flat on the floor 180 degrees apart, either sideways to the body or with one leg in front and one behind; A split-finger fastball; A result of a first throw that leaves two or more pins standing with one or more pins between them knocked down; A ...
  14. A port city in Croatia
  15. (splitting) The action of the verb to split; A division in the mind, or affecting one's sense of self; The cleavage of a covalent bond; resembling the sound of something being split or ripped; severe
  16. (Split S) Maneuver most commonly requested by crew members on layover in third-world countries.
  17. (Split S) What happens to the pants of overweight pilots (also see "Gross Weight").
  18. (Splits) Horizontal tears or rips in the side of the flexible polyurethane foam block, either intermittent or continuous along the side of the slab, commonly caused by excessive speed of the blowing reaction or too steep an angle of rise.
  19. (Splits) In younger days Livid was an enthusiastic jiver and culminated his performance on the dance floor with the splits. However as years progressed, the degree of boss eyedness got more pronounced as his tackle went through the wrench, so to speak. Now walks like John Wayne.
  20. (Splits) Move: Jumping up high and doing the sideways splits at the highest point.
  21. (Splits) Short, flat strips of steel.
  22. (Splits) The lower flesh side section of a hide (normally) or a skin after it has been split. Normally made into a suede split.
  23. (Splits) The time for one lap or set distance of a race consisting of more than one lap. The splits add up to the total time. For example, times for a 200-yard swim can be divided into four 50-yard splits.
  24. (Splits) The time you take to go from one control to the next. If you’re serious about improving, you will soon want to compare splits with other participants on your course. At an event using electronic punching, your printout will show your splits. Results on the internet usually show them too.
  25. (Splits) Times for a portion of the race or workout. So in a 5-mile race you'll have 1, 2, 3, and 4 mile "split." So a 28 min. 5K might have splits of 9:20, 18:20, 27:00 ("27-flat"), 28:00. ...