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spilling, present participle; spills, 3rd person singular present; spilled, past participle; spilt, past participle; spilt, past tense; spilled, past tense;
  1. Cause or allow (liquid) to flow over the edge of its container, esp. unintentionally
    • - you'll spill that coffee if you're not careful
    • - azaleas spilled cascades of flowers over the pathways
  2. (of liquid) Flow over the edge of its container
    • - some of the wine spilled onto the floor
    • - years of frustration spilled over into violence
  3. (of the contents of something) Be emptied out onto a surface
    • - passengers' baggage had spilled out of the hold
  4. Cause or allow (the contents of something) to be emptied out
    • - injured cells tend to swell up and burst, spilling their contents
  5. (of a number of people) Move out of somewhere quickly
    • - students began to spill out of the building
  6. Reveal (confidential information) to someone
    • - he was reluctant to spill her address
  7. Cause (someone) to fall off a horse or bicycle
    • - the horse was wrenched off course, spilling his rider
  8. Let (wind) out of a sail, typically by slackening the sheets

  9. (in the context of ball games) Drop (the ball)

  1. A thin strip of wood or paper used for lighting a fire, candle, pipe, etc

  1. cause or allow (a liquid substance) to run or flow from a container; "spill the milk"; "splatter water"
  2. liquid that is spilled; "clean up the spills"
  3. flow, run or fall out and become lost; "The milk spilled across the floor"; "The wine spilled onto the table"
  4. spillway: a channel that carries excess water over or around a dam or other obstruction
  5. the act of allowing a fluid to escape
  6. a sudden drop from an upright position; "he had a nasty spill on the ice"
  7. Spill were a dance duo, whose members were William Orbit and Beth Orton. They released one single under the moniker, Don't Wanna Know About Evil in 1993, on the Virgin record label, to the Japanese market. It was released in the UK, several years later.
  8. is an award-winning movie review, discussion, and news website created by cartoonist and animator Korey Coleman. It is the continuation of the 9 year old Austin, Texas based cable-access show called The Reel Deal. ...
  9. A mess of something that has been dropped; A fall or stumble; A small stick or piece of paper used to light a candle, cigarette etc by the transfer of a flame from a fire; To drop something so that it spreads out or makes a mess; to pour; To spread out or fall out, as above
  10. (Spilled) The amount of the material spilled, in gallons or pounds. The amount field often contains an estimate made at the time the spill is reported.
  11. (Spilling) When something is fallen down on the ground.
  12. (Spilling) or rolling: these are the safest waves on which to surf. They can be found in most areas with relatively flat shorelines. They are the most common type of shorebreak
  13. (SPILLS) A discharge of a hazardous substance that may adversely impact, or threaten to impact public health, welfare or the environment. Spills are usually cleaned up quickly. Spill activities in BRRTS have an activity number prefix of '04'.
  14. (Spills) Water releases that cannot be put to use for project purposes (includes floodflows).
  15. Spills include accidental release of crude oil, produced water or other hydrocarbon products from wellsites, batteries or storage tanks. These spills can affect land, vegetation, water bodies and groundwater.
  16. Light that is escaping from the sides of a lighting unit, or any light that is falling where it is not wanted. (Grip/Lighting)
  17. A strip of cedar used to light a cigar when using a candle or a fluid lighter, both of which can alter the taste of the cigar.
  18. Unwanted light which is normally due to a poorly focused lantern.
  19. When you win a hand that would put you over 1,000 credits, most video poker machines don't add to your credits. Instead they start spilling quarters into the hopper to pay off that hand.
  20. Talk, inform; spill it = tell me
  21. The accidental release of radioactive materials.
  22. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico went on for so long that the word spill eventually felt insufficient. Wendalyn Nichols suggested here that rupture might be more appropriate (and I suggested that rupture might also be a good term for the enormous "leaks" of Wikileaks). ...
  23. The continuation of a story from one page to another. Called a jump in US.
  24. (v): kill. FS (3-Ham, Lear, Lucrece); Golding Ovid, Abraham; Brooke Romeus; Lily Euphues; Spenser FQ; (anon.) Woodstock, Willobie, Penelope, Leic Gh.
  25. Cedar Strips used for lighting cigars. These can be procured from the Spanish Cedar dividers used to seperate rows of cigars in boxes.