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sperms, plural; sperm, plural;
  1. Semen

  1. the male reproductive cell; the male gamete; "a sperm is mostly a nucleus surrounded by little other cellular material"
  2. The term sperm is derived from the Greek word (σπέρμα) sperma (meaning "seed") and refers to the male reproductive cells. ...
  3. Sperm is the second studio album by the German band Oomph!. This album would drastically change the direction and sound of the band from their heavily synthesizer based, EBM debut album. ...
  4. Sperm commonly refers to: *Sperm (cell), the male gamete involved in heterogamous sexual reproduction *Spermatozoon (zoosperm), a sperm cell propelled by a single flagellum, found in most animals *Semen ("sperma"), the seminal fluid containing spermatozoa
  5. The Sperm (อสุจ๊าก, or Asujaak) is a 2007 Thai science fiction comedy film directed by Taweewat Wantha.
  6. (Sperms) A sperm, from the ancient Greek word σπέρμα (seed) and (living being) and more commonly known as a sperm cell, is the haploid cell that is the male gamete. It joins an ovum to form a zygote. ...
  7. The reproductive cell or gamete of the male; the spermatozoon; The semen
  8. (spurm) — During ejaculation, a man releases sperm. When a woman’s egg is fertilized by a man’s sperm, the woman gets pregnant.
  9. The mature male gamete in animals. It is motile and usually small compared with the egg.
  10. The father's contribution to the cell which will grow to form a new baby. Each sperm contains 23 chromosomes; one from each pair in the father. The sperm joins with an egg to make a complete cell. A baby develops from this first cell.
  11. The mature male sex cell (plural: spermatozoa). Sperm survive for 3-5 days in fertile cervical mucus.
  12. Cell found in semen that can get a woman pregnant.
  13. Marine light observation helicopter; see LOH, CHOPPER. [nb: the most common misnomer for seminal emission, semen or ejaculate, cream or gravy, jism or cum; v: SPUNK, PECKER TRACKS, FIRING LINE, ONIONS, MACHO]
  14. (1) spermatazoa; (2) semen; (3) a spermatazoan.
  15. Tadpolelike organisms that are contained in and travel through semen to fertilize the female egg.
  16. A sperm cell, or spermatozzon is the most important aspect of the male reproductive system. The sperm cell is carried in the semen fluid and is capable of fertilising a female egg cell which starts conception by forming a zygote.
  17. The motile carrier of the fathers contribution to the genetic make up of prospective new individual, capable of fertilizing a same species egg to produce a non-sterile, reproductively capable offspring.
  18. Sexual fluid containing male gametes.
  19. The male reproductive cell, that has measurable characteristics such as:
  20. spastic paraplegia-epilepsy-mental retardation [syndrome]
  21. male gametes, made in the testicles and provide the DNA from the father when an embryo is produced
  22. Male sex cells, or "gametes." Sperm, medically referred to as spermatozoa, are mobile haploid cells that fertilize eggs. Sperm cells provide the genetic information that determines an embryo's sex.
  23. the male sex cell produced in the testicles
  24. The male reproductive cells that carry genetic information to the egg. When united with an egg, they result in an embryo.
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