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spends, 3rd person singular present; spending, present participle; spent, past tense; spent, past participle;
  1. Pay out (money) in buying or hiring goods or services
    • - the firm has spent $100,000 on hardware and software
  2. Pay out (money) for a particular person's benefit or for the improvement of something
    • - the college spent $140 on each of its students
  3. Used to show the activity in which someone is engaged or the place where they are living over a period of time
    • - she spent a lot of time traveling
  4. Use or give out the whole of; exhaust
    • - she couldn't buy any more because she had already spent her money
    • - the initial surge of interest had spent itself
  1. An amount of money paid for a particular purpose or over a particular period of time
    • - the average spend at the cafe is about $10 a head

  1. pass time in a specific way; "how are you spending your summer vacation?"
  2. pay out; "spend money"
  3. spend completely; "I spend my pocket money in two days"
  4. (spending) the act of spending or disbursing money
  5. (spent) exhausted: depleted of energy, force, or strength; "impossible to grow tobacco on the exhausted soil"; "the exhausted food sources"; "exhausted oil wells"
  6. (spent) exhausted: drained of energy or effectiveness; extremely tired; completely exhausted; "the day's shopping left her exhausted"; "he went to bed dog-tired"; "was fagged and sweaty"; "the trembling of his played out limbs"; "felt completely washed-out"; "only worn-out horses and cattle"; " ...
  7. (Spending) Consumption is a common concept in economics, and gives rise to derived concepts such as consumer debt. Generally, consumption is defined in part by opposition to production. ...
  8. (Spent (band)) Spent was an American Indie Rock band from Jersey City, New Jersey consisting of singer/guitarist John King, guitarist/singer/keyboardist Annie Hayden, bassist/occasional vocalist Joe Weston and drummer Ed Radich.
  9. amount spent (during a period); a childish term for money or pocket money; Discharged semen; to consume, to use, to exhaust
  10. (Spending) using your money to buy products or services.
  11. (Spending) used to supplement the shopping instinct in a 4/3ian.
  12. (spent) An industry term for egg-laying (battery) hens and dairy cows whose egg and milk production has declined enough that they are no longer profitable. Spent hens and cows are sent to slaughter at a fraction of their natural lifespan.
  13. (Spent) Descriptive of late adult stage, abler eggs have been deposited.
  14. (Spent) Flowers leaves and bulbs of plants that have completes their cycle.
  15. (Spent) Gonad condition after spawning, flattened and flaccid, most gametes already expelled.
  16. (Spent) In shooting, a cartridge or component thereof that has been fired.
  17. (Spent) Last but not least, spent refers to the amount you spent during a selected time period.
  18. (Spent) Money that has actually left the government’s bank account and entered the economy.
  19. (Spent) Tobacco that has fermented at too high a temperature or for too long, and which has lost its flavor.
  20. (Spent) fuel: Used fuel assemblies removed from a reactor after several years use and treated as waste.
  21. the total amount that you paid on your Facebook Advertising.
  22. from Greek sponde', libation, offering. Important derivatives are: sponsor, spouse, respond. To make an offering, perform a rite, hence to engage oneself by a ritual act; to make a solemn promise, pledge, betroth. [Pokorny 989.]