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speeded, past participle; speeds, 3rd person singular present; speeded, past tense; sped, past tense; speeding, present participle; sped, past participle;
  1. Move quickly
    • - I got into the car and home we sped
  2. (of a motorist) Travel at a speed that is greater than the legal limit
    • - the car that crashed was speeding
  3. Move or work more quickly
    • - you force yourself to speed up because you don't want to keep others waiting
  4. Cause to move, act, or happen more quickly
    • - recent initiatives have sought to speed up decision-making
  5. Make prosperous or successful
    • - may God speed you
  6. Take or be under the influence of an amphetamine drug
    • - more kids than ever are speeding, tripping, and getting stoned

  1. speed: changing location rapidly
  2. Road speed limits are used in most countries to regulate the speed of road vehicles. Speed limits may define maximum (which may be variable), minimum or no speed limit and are normally indicated using a traffic sign. ...
  3. Mystery Tracks - Archives Vol. 3 is the 12th studio album released by guitarist Steve Vai. It is the third in a series of discs collecting unreleased tracks, demo recordings and other bits. The track Speeding is confirmed to be a playable song in , although it is a re-record.
  4. refers to driving above the legal speed limit. Speeding leads to heavy braking and aggressive acceleration.
  5. To play very loose with no identifiable pattern, or to bluff frequently. Also known as speeding around.
  6. excessive or inappropriate speed, including not adjusting your speed to suit the conditions or speed limit.
  7. driving faster than it is allowed in a particular area
  8. When a player is caught while bluffing he is said to be caught speeding