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Unable to speak, esp. as the temporary result of shock or some strong emotion,
  1. Unable to speak, esp. as the temporary result of shock or some strong emotion
    • - he was speechless with rage
  2. Unable to be expressed in words
    • - surges of speechless passion

  1. temporarily incapable of speaking; "struck dumb"; "speechless with shock"
  2. (speechlessly) without speaking; "he stood up soundlessly and speechlessly and glided across the hallway and through a door"
  3. (speechlessness) the property of being speechless
  4. Speechless is a song that was recorded by Irish boyband D-Side for their debut album Stonger Together. The song was released as a single in 2003 and peaked at number 9 on the UK Singles Chart.
  5. Speechless is a 1994 romantic comedy starring Geena Davis (who also co-produced the film with her then husband director Renny Harlin), Michael Keaton, Christopher Reeve, Bonnie Bedelia and Ernie Hudson.
  6. Speechless is a 1981 solo album by English guitarist, composer and improviser Fred Frith of the group Henry Cow. It was Frith's third solo album, and was originally released in the United States on LP record on The Residents' Ralph record label. ...
  7. Speechless is an album released by Kelly Richey in 2006.
  8. "Speechless" is a song written and performed by American recording artist Lady Gaga, from her second studio album The Fame Monster. ...
  9. "Speechless" is the third single taken from Melissa O'Neil's self-titled album. The single reached number one on MuchMoreMusics Top 10 countdown numerous times and peaked at nine on the Chum Chart.
  10. "Speechless" is a song by the American recording artist Michael Jackson, included on his tenth studio album, Invincible (2001). The singer was inspired to write the ballad after a water balloon fight with youngsters in Germany. ...
  11. Speechless is the ninth studio album from Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman. It was released on June 15, 1999, by Sparrow Records.
  12. not speaking; not knowing what to say; silent, especially due to surprise, amazement, etc
  13. means being surprised and unable to say anything. What's the word?