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spectrums, plural; spectra, plural;
  1. A band of colors, as seen in a rainbow, produced by separation of the components of light by their different degrees of refraction according to wavelength

  2. The entire range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation

  3. An image or distribution of components of any electromagnetic radiation arranged in a progressive series according to wavelength

  4. A similar image or distribution of components of sound, particles, etc., arranged according to such characteristics as frequency, charge, and energy

  5. Used to classify something, or suggest that it can be classified, in terms of its position on a scale between two extreme or opposite points
    • - the left or the right of the political spectrum
  6. A wide range
    • - self-help books are covering a broader and broader spectrum

  1. an ordered array of the components of an emission or wave
  2. a broad range of related objects or values or qualities or ideas or activities
  3. (spectral) of or relating to a spectrum; "spectral colors"; "spectral analysis"
  4. (spectral) apparitional: resembling or characteristic of a phantom; "a ghostly face at the window"; "a phantasmal presence in the room"; "spectral emanations"; "spiritual tappings at a seance"
  5. The Philadelphia Spectrum, formerly known as the CoreStates Spectrum (1996-1998), First Union Spectrum (1998-2003), and Wachovia Spectrum (since 2003) is a now-closed indoor arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ...
  6. Spectrum is an Australian progressive rock band that formed in Melbourne in 1969 and, in its original period, remained in existence until 1973. Its members also performed under the alter-ego Indelible Murtceps. They reformed, initially as Spectrum Plays The Blues, in 1999.
  7. Spectrum is the debut album of fusion drummer, Billy Cobham. Released in 1973, Spectrum is regarded as one of the most important and essential albums within the fields of drummers and the jazz fusion genre. ...
  8. The ZX Spectrum (Pronounced "Zed Ecks Spec-trum" in its original British English branding) is an 8-bit personal home computer released in the United Kingdom in 1982 by Sinclair Research Ltd. ...
  9. In functional analysis, the concept of the spectrum of a bounded operator is a generalisation of the concept of eigenvalues for matrices. ...
  10. In algebraic topology, a branch of mathematics, a spectrum is an object representing a generalized cohomology theory. There are several different constructions of categories of spectra, any of which gives a context for the same stable homotopy theory.
  11. Specter, apparition. [from early 17th c.]; A range; a continuous, infinite, one-dimensional set, possibly bounded by extremes; Specifically, a range of colours representing light (electromagnetic radiation) of contiguous frequencies; hence electromagnetic spectrum, visible spectrum, ultraviolet ...
  12. (Spectra¨) Also known as Dyneema in Europe. It is the standard for flying lines. It is slippery and will allow multiple line wraps without loosing kite control.
  13. (SPECTRA) A highly modified polyethylene fibre developed by Allied Signals Corporation, now part of Honeywell.
  14. (SPECTRA) This cut resistant polyolefin fiber is offered for use in food processing and industrial environments. These gloves can be repeatedly laundered and bleached.
  15. (Spectra) A high strength polyolefin fiber from Allied Signal. Woven Spectra(tm) fabrics are very strong and lightweight and are used in both ballistic and composite materials applications.
  16. (Spectra) A material from which microline is made.
  17. (Spectra) A molecular-weight polyethylene developed by Allied-Signal. The strongest fiber ever produced, it is 10 times stronger than steel by weight and twice as strong as Kevlar®.
  18. (Spectra) A synthetic material used to make cord or webbing and used in many climbing applications
  19. (Spectra) A type of rope or cord that is strong and not elastic.
  20. (Spectra) Allied name for HMPE fiber.
  21. (Spectra) Conditions or values that vary over a continuum. (plural of spectrum)
  22. (Spectra) Ford - Morawetz - Somers. 1981. Centrediscs CMC-0281/RCI 564/(Morawetz) 6-ACM 16
  23. (Spectra) The brand name for a special super thin non-stretching rope used by skiers.
  24. (Spectra) The quarterly magazine publication for American Gem Society Members.
  25. (Spectra) can also be created by the interference of light waves, the phenomenon that makes the brightly colored patterns seen reflected from a compact audio disc and the halos often observed next to a bright, partly clouded Moon.