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Clearly defined or identified,
  1. Clearly defined or identified
    • - increasing the electricity supply only until it met specific development needs
  2. Precise and clear in making statements or issuing instructions
    • - when ordering goods be specific
  3. Belonging or relating uniquely to a particular subject
    • - information needs are often very specific to companies and individuals
  4. Of, relating to, or connected with species or a species

  5. (of a duty or a tax) Levied at a fixed rate per physical unit of the thing taxed, regardless of its price

  6. Of or denoting a number equal to the ratio of the value of some property of a given substance to the value of the same property of some other substance used as a reference, such as water, or of a vacuum, under equivalent conditions

  7. Of or denoting a physical quantity expressed in terms of a unit mass, volume, or other measure, in order to give a value independent of the properties or scale of the particular system studied

  1. A medicine or remedy effective in treating a particular disease or part of the body

  2. A precise detail
    • - he worked through the specifics of the contract

  1. (sometimes followed by `to') applying to or characterized by or distinguishing something particular or special or unique; "rules with specific application"; "demands specific to the job"; "a specific and detailed account of the accident"
  2. particular: a fact about some part (as opposed to general); "he always reasons from the particular to the general"
  3. a medicine that has a mitigating effect on a specific disease; "quinine is a specific for malaria"
  4. stated explicitly or in detail; "needed a specific amount"
  5. (specifically) in distinction from others; "a program specifically for teenagers"; "he is interested specifically in poisonous snakes"
  6. A distinguishing attribute or quality; Something particularly adapted for a particular use, as a remedy for a particular disorder; Specification; The details; particulars; explicit or definite; of, or relating to a species; pertaining to a taxon at the rank of species; special, distinctive or ...
  7. (Specifically) phytosterols may help to:
  8. (Specifics) In sound editing, these are any effects that directly relate to the picture, where we see a thing happen and hear it too. Backgrounds, ambiance and speech are not specifics.
  9. (Specifics) These are distinguished within generic taxa of great cultural importance. Quite apart from any mythological significance, oaks are extremely important because of the uses that can be made of their wood.
  10. Specifics are contributions to budget participants to provide extra money for special needs not provided for in the participants’ budgets. Contributions for the National Council of Churches and validated local ministries are also included in this category. ...
  11. Particular tangible items left as gifts in a will. See Legacy.
  12. In physics and chemistry the word specific in the name of a quantity usually means ‘divided by an extensive measure that is, divided by a quantity representing an amount of material. Specific volume means volume divided by mass, which is the reciprocal of the density. ...
  13. speech and language (expressive language disorder, aphasia, expressive aphasia, receptive aphasia, Landau-Kleffner syndrome, lisp) · Scholastic skills (dyslexia, dysgraphia, Gerstmann syndrome) · Motor function (developmental dyspraxia)
  14. one of the value dimensions proposed by Trompenaars & Hampden-Turner (1997) reflecting one preference for "how far we get involved". In a specific culture, relationships are established easily but categorized into specific areas of life. ...
  15. a particular instance or item (for example: the Space Shuttle is a specific kind of rocket)
  16. The intention underlying the penal system is to deter future wrongdoing by the defendant, if convicted. The punishment demonstrates the unfortunate consequences that follow any act that breaks the law.
  17. The opposite of general. Specific means particular, clear, unambiguous. Something that is specific is singled out from a more general category and represents an example or a subset of that category. ...
  18. A remedy having a curative effect on a particular disease or symptom.
  19. The goal must clearly state what is to be achieved, by whom, where and when it is to be achieved. Sometimes it may even state why that goal is important.
  20. most paragraphs narrow down to examples that consist of events director Ron Howard would know how to film, done by characters with names one can find in a phone book, who use items one can order from a catalog, in places with names one can find on a map, during times one can locate on a clock, ...
  21. A tendency to limit workplace relationships and obligations, including relative status and hierarchical position, to the workplace.
  22. tightly defined, relating directly to the issue being addressed.
  23. (adjective) Particular or exact. Example: 'It is important to give some specific examples in your writing test.'
  24. "a characteristic quality or trait."
  25. pertaining or related to a species.