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Requiring or involving detailed and specific knowledge or training,
  1. Requiring or involving detailed and specific knowledge or training
    • - skilled treatment for these patients is very specialized
  2. Concentrating on a small area of a subject
    • - periodicals have become more and more specialized
  3. Designed for a particular purpose
    • - specialized software

  1. developed or designed for a special activity or function; "a specialized tool"
  2. Highly skilled in a specific field
  3. Windows Embedded (POSReady) · Windows Preinstallation Environment · Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
  4. Specialized Special purpose institutions with specialized degree programs. These may include medical or health science centers and, in some instances, fine arts schools or military academies.
  5. adj. 1. (of a generic function) having methods which specialize the generic function. 2. (of an array) having an actual array element type that is a proper subtype of the type t; see Section 15.1.1 (Array Elements). ...
  6. An organism that consumes a limited variety of food types. Opposite of generalist.
  7. Anatomically or physiologically adapted for particular functions or habitats.
  8. tool. These tools are rare—they are built by system developers and have their own unique user interface for using the tool. The ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension contains specialized tools.
  9. If you are sent to a specialized orphanage translate this word to disabled. Not all the children in these orphanages are disabled. I adopted my darling daughter Natasha from the Green Forest Special Needs Regional Baby Orphanage. My daugher had crossed eyes.
  10. urticaria · erythema (multiforme · migrans · gyratum repens · annulare centrifugum · ab igne)