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specialists, plural;
  1. Possessing or involving detailed knowledge or study of a restricted topic
    • - the project may involve people with specialist knowledge
  2. Concentrating on a restricted field, market, or area of activity
    • - a specialist electrical shop
  1. A person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field

  2. A physician highly trained in a particular branch of medicine

  3. (in the US Army) An enlisted person of one of four grades (specialist 4, equivalent to the rank of corporal, being the most junior, specialist 7, equivalent to sergeant first class, being the most senior) who has technical or administrative duties but does not exercise command

  1. an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
  2. practices one branch of medicine
  3. (specialistic) of or related to or characteristic of specialists
  4. A generalist species is able to thrive in a wide variety of environmental conditions and can make use of a variety of different resources (for example, a heterotroph with a varied diet). A specialist species can only thrive in a narrow range of environmental conditions or has a limited diet. ...
  5. Tyler Stone is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe.
  6. The specialist degree was the only first degree in the former Soviet Union. In the early 1990s bakalavr (Bachelor's) and magistr (Master's) degrees were introduced in all the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, except in Turkmenistan. ...
  7. Specialist (abbreviated "SPC") is one of the four junior enlisted ranks in the U.S. Army, just above Private First Class and equivalent in pay grade to Corporal. Unlike Corporals, Specialists are not considered junior non-commissioned officers (NCO)s.
  8. "Specialist" is a science fiction short story by Robert Sheckley. It was first published in 1953 and has appeared in various collections, including Untouched by Human Hands (1954) and The Golden Age of Science Fiction (anthology), edited by Kingsley Amis in 1981.
  9. The Specialist is a 1994 action film from Warner Bros. Pictures. It is directed by Luis Llosa, produced by Jerry Weintraub, and written by Alexandra Seros. It stars Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, James Woods, Eric Roberts and Rod Steiger.
  10. (Specialists) Providers whose practices are limited to treating a specific disease (e.g., oncologists), specific parts of the body (e.g., ear, nose, and throat), a specific age group (e.g., pediatrician), or specific procedures (e.g., oral surgery).
  11. (Specialists) Include scientists, physicians, lawyers, jurists, accountants, teachers, scholars, economists, politicians, priests, ministers, and rabbis, along with experts in other fields. ...
  12. (Specialists) are medical practitioners registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand who specialise in a particular vocational area. They have appropriate qualifications, training, and specialist experience, and are competent to practise independently. ...
  13. a physician who specializes in treating specific body parts and medical conditions, or certain age groups. For example, cardiologists only treat patients with heart problems.
  14. A physician trained and/or certified to treat a specific body system, such as a cardiologist (heart), gynecologist (woman's reproductive system), or dermatologist (skin).
  15. This is a doctor who is trained to give care in a specific medical area. The doctor’s focus could be on a disease, part of the body or age group.
  16. Python software objects (i.e., DataSkins), that appear in the Kavi Members Full Activity Log as the entity that handled the data change. It is possible to search the Full Activity Log for actions taken by a specific specialist type. ...
  17. One who applies himself/herself to a special study or pursuit. In dentistry, this would be an endodontist, orthodontist, periodontist, oral surgeon, pedodonist, or prosthodontist.
  18. A trader who makes a market in the shares of one or more firms and who maintains a “fair and orderly market” by dealing personally in the stock.
  19. an organism that eats only one type of other organism for food.
  20. A member of the New York Stock Exchange who has two primary functions: first, to maintain an orderly market in the securities registered to the specialist. ...
  21. A member of certain SEC-regulated exchanges who must make a market in assigned securities. Specialists also act as two-dollar brokers in executing orders entrusted to them.
  22. A medical professional registered under the Medical Acts who holds or has held an NHS consultancy post in a relevant field of medicine and holds a Certificate of Higher Specialist Training.
  23. A physician who practices medicine in a specialty area. Cardiologists, orthopedists and gynecologists are all examples of specialists. Under most health plans, family practice physicians, pediatricians and internal medicine physicians are not specialists
  24. On an exchange, the member firm that is designated as the market maker (or dealer for a listed common stock. Only one specialist can be designated for a given stock, but dealers may be specialists for several stocks. In contrast, there can be multiple market makers in the OTC market.
  25. A stock exchange member who is designated to maintain a fair and orderly market in a spe3cific stock.  He is required to buy and sell for his own account to counteract temporary imbalances in supply and demand.