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Of or relating to Spain, its people, or its language,
  1. Of or relating to Spain, its people, or its language

  1. The people of Spain

  2. The Romance language of most of Spain and of much of Central and South America and several other countries

  1. of or relating to or characteristic of Spain or the people of Spain; "Spanish music"
  2. the Romance language spoken in most of Spain and the countries colonized by Spain
  3. The White-Faced Black Spanish is a Spanish breed of chicken. They are thought to be the oldest breed of fowl in the Mediterranean class. The British have records dating back to 1572 referring to this chicken. This breed was admitted into the American Poultry Association in 1874. ...
  4. Spanish or Castilian (español or castellano in Spanish) is a Romance language in the Ibero-Romance group that evolved from several dialects and languages in the northern fringes of the Iberian Peninsula during the 10th century and gradually spread through the Kingdom of Castile, becoming the ...
  5. Spanish people or Spaniards constitute the European nation and ethnic group native of Spain, in the Iberian Peninsula, which forms the southwest of Europe. The Spanish nationality is in essence made up of regional nationalities, reflecting the complex history of Spain. ...
  6. "Spanish" is the fourth UK single from Craig David's second album Slicker Than Your Average. The song became his tenth top ten hit in the UK (including his Artful Dodger collaborations), peaking at number eight and spending six weeks inside the UK Top 75. ...
  7. Spanish wines are wines produced in the southwestern European country of Spain. Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain has over 2.9 million acres (over 1.17 million hectares) planted--making it the most widely planted wine producing nation K. ...
  8. The Ruy Lopez, also called the Spanish Opening or Spanish Game, is a chess opening characterised by the moves: The Ruy Lopez is one of the most popular openings, with such a vast number of variations that in the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings all codes from C60 to C99 are assigned to them.
  9. (Spanishing) Printing process where the print solution is deposited in the bottoms and sides of the grain depressions of an embossed material.  Usually, the top of the grain surface is wiped clean of the print vehicle.  Also referred to as shadowing, wash coating and flood coating.
  10. X:  Liron gris (Glis ) -  Muscardino (Muscardinus) -  Muscardino balcanico (Dryomys) -  Liron careto (Eliomys) - Liron colipelado (Myomimus)
  11. French, English, Dutch,Italian, German, Swedish, Portuguese/Brazilian
  12. "Me estoy muriendo" is Spanish for "I am dying" (from the captions and translated by Hurley).
  13. (Hočąk, Spanioraga)— a great European colonial power responsible for establishing white hegemony over most lands south of the Rio Grande and for exploring much of the American southwest and parts of the Mississippi basin. ...
  14. is a common green olive that is often stuffed. They come in various sizes, pitted and unpitted. The riper the olive, the darker the hue.
  15. Someone who speaks Spanish. Incorrect when used to define people from Latin America or of Latin American descent. Calling people Spanish is as useful as calling all Brits, Australians, Indians & Canadians, English. ...
  16. another upright variety, with smaller seeds which are rich in oil, so it is used principally for that.
  17. para is often clipped to pa as in the very vulgar vamos p"alante ("let's go forward") instead of the standard "vamos para adelante"
  18. Esturión común, Esturión atlántico, Esturión europeo
  19. All individual characters of the green coffee are gone. Charred or burned notes dominate. Very thin body with flavor reduced to faint sweet tones. This image is actually more of a "Dark Italian" roast because there is still a large presence of oils on the beans. ...
  20. Dropping alot. But can also refer to juggling just for fun, for pleasure or for relaxation. In some cases also refering to smoking weed, drinking or chilling out. Not knowing what you´re talking about.
  21. Any horse that was bred and/or foaled in Spain. (never AK)
  22. Mission style:   A design that is derived from the original missions established by the Spanish in the Southwest.
  23. A flat design of roses on a net background; used to make mantilla veils.
  24. flat roses sewn over of lace netting. Used for "mantillas"(spanish veils,coats and shawls)
  25. Sigal Fogliani, Ricardo Jorge. Blindados Argentinos, de Uruguay y Paraguay, Ayer y Hoy Ediciones, Buenos Aires. ISBN n/a