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(esp. of a room or building) Having ample space,
  1. (esp. of a room or building) Having ample space

  1. broad: very large in expanse or scope; "a broad lawn"; "the wide plains"; "a spacious view"; "spacious skies"
  2. roomy: (of buildings and rooms) having ample space; "a roomy but sparsely furnished apartment"; "a spacious ballroom"
  3. (spaciously) roomily: with ample room; "the furniture was spaciously spread out"
  4. (spaciousness) capaciousness: spatial largeness and extensiveness (especially inside a building); "the capaciousness of Santa's bag astounded the child"; "roominess in this size car is always a compromise"; "his new office lacked the spaciousness that he had become accustomed to"
  5. Having much space; roomy; Large in expanse
  6. (Spaciousness) In concert hall acoustics, a hall is said to be "spacious" if the music performed in it appears to the listener to emanate from a source wider than the visual width of the actual source, and if the listener is noticeably enveloped by the reverberant sound. ...
  7. Conveying a sense of space, ambiance, or room around the instruments. Stereo reverb. Early reflections.
  8. Ideal if you already own a Roomba, or if vacuuming is a hobby you've been meaning to try.
  9. Presenting a broad panorama of ambience, which may be wider than the distance between the loudspeakers.
  10. Usually meaningless. If a property or room is spacious, you can see this on the floorplan, or the estate agent will give measurements. For "deceptively spacious", see this post.
  11. We knocked out a wall and expanded the living room into the garage.