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solicitors, plural;
  1. A person who tries to obtain business orders, advertising, etc.; a canvasser

  2. The chief law officer of a city, town, or government department

  3. A member of the legal profession qualified to deal with conveyancing, the drawing up of wills, and other legal matters

  1. a petitioner who solicits contributions or trade or votes
  2. a British lawyer who gives legal advice and prepares legal documents
  3. Solicitors are lawyers who traditionally deal with any legal matter apart from conducting proceedings in courts (advocacy), with some exceptions. ...
  4. In many common law jurisdictions, a type of lawyer whose traditional role is to offer legal services to clients apart from acting as their advocate in court. ...
  5. Solicitors charge for work to be carried out for the legal elements to your mortgage, on some re-mortgage deals the lender will offer this service free.
  6. A licensed employee of a fire and casualty agent or broker who may act for the agent or broker in some circumstances.
  7. Member of the legal profession chiefly concerned with advising clients and preparing their cases and representing them in some Courts. May also act as advocates before certain Courts or tribunals.
  8. The lawyer who represents the parties in a transaction who takes care of all the legalities.
  9. Legal Professional who acts on behalf of the buyer in the purchase of a house. The solicitor will check the legal position of the house, carry out a local authority search and oversee the exchange of contracts between the two parties.
  10. The person who deals with the conveyancing.
  11. An employee of an insurance agent or agency who is empowered to sell insurance on behalf of a licensed agent, generally using only those insurers that the agency represents. ...
  12. lawyer who handled wills and estate problems and hired barristers to represent their clients in Chancery Court. Mr. Tulkinghorn was solicitor for the Dedlocks in Bleak House. Mr. Wickfield is solicitor for David's aunt, Betsy Trotwood, in David Copperfield.
  13. a type of lawyer who is trained to give advice and prepare cases and can defend (or represent) people in magistrates court
  14. A professional who provides legal advice and services to individuals and businesses on a wide range of issues, for example divorce, conveyancing, contract law and employment law.
  15. The name given in England to an attorney who for the most part works out-of-court to discover facts, research applicable law, and prepare his clients’ cases for a barrister to argue before the bench.
  16. A lawyer in England and Wales that advises a client and prepares a case. While a solicitor may have rights of audience in courts, a client will often be represented in court by a barrister.
  17. Insurance salesperson who contacts potential customers and handles clerical responsibilities but has no authority to make insurance contacts.
  18. For purposes of NPO law, a person or organization that solicits charitable donations (contributions). In some state laws, "solicitor" has the same or a similar meaning as professional solicitor.
  19. means, in the Province of Quebec, an advocate or a notary and, in any other province, a barrister or solicitor. [ 1973-74, c.50, s.2; 1976-77, c.53, s.7; 1980-81-82-83, c.125, s.10; 1984, c.21, s.76; 1985, c.27 [1st Supp.], ss.7[2][a], 23; R.S.C. 1985, c.1 [2nd Supp.], s213; R.S.C. 1985, c. ...
  20. a lawyer who does not work in court. His or her practice consists of providing legal advice. In Britain, if a case must go to court, it is passed to the barrister, a lawyer who conducts the legal action in court. Solicitors and barristers will often work as a team. ...
  21. The legal expert that will represent you in the court of law in case you are asked to appear in the court due to charges associated with car accidents or damages.
  22. Solicitors are the lawyers to whom members of the public go to for help and advice. They give legal advice, carry out legal transactions and conduct legal proceedings. Solicitors are able to appear on behalf of their clients in the magistrates’ and the county courts and before tribunals. ...
  23. Professionally qualified legal expert who prepares documents for the sale or purchase of a property.
  24. A solicitor is a member of one of the two principal branches of the legal profession (the other being a barrister). A solicitor does not automatically have full rights of audience although following the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 it is now possible for them to gain these rights. ...
  25. A lawyer that restricts his or her practice to the giving of legal advice and does not normally litigate in the court room. Canadian lawyers can litigate or give legal advice.