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socks, plural;
  1. Hit forcefully
    • - Jess socked his father across the face
  2. Affect disadvantageously
    • - consumers have been socked with huge price increases
  1. A garment for the foot and lower part of the leg, typically knitted from wool, cotton, or nylon

  2. A removable inner sole placed inside a shoe or boot for added warmth or to improve the fit

  3. A white marking on the lower part of a horse's leg, not extending as far as the knee or hock

  4. A hard blow
    • - a sock on the jaw
  5. Force or emphasis
    • - we have enough speed and sock in our lineup to score runs

  1. hosiery consisting of a cloth covering for the foot; worn inside the shoe; reaches to between the ankle and the knee
  2. hit hard
  3. windsock: a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast; used (e.g., at airports) to show the direction of the wind
  4. A sock is an item of clothing worn on the feet. The foot is among the heaviest producers of sweat in the body, able to produce over a pint of perspiration per day. Socks help to absorb this sweat and draw it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration. ...
  5. Markings on horses usually are distinctive white areas on an otherwise dark base coat color. Most horses have some markings, and they help to identify the horse as a unique individual. Markings are present at birth and do not change over the course of the horse's life. ...
  6. (Socks (Blue Peter cat)) The Blue Peter pets are the animals who regularly appear on the BBC children's television series Blue Peter. For 27 years, when not on TV, these pets were often looked after by Blue Peter's long-standing pet keeper, Edith Menezes who died in 1994. ...
  7. (Socks (cat)) Socks (c. March 1989 – February 20, 2009) was the pet cat of U.S. President Bill Clinton's family during his presidency. ...
  8. (Socks (novel)) Socks is a children's novel written by Beverly Cleary, originally illustrated by Beatrice Darwin, and published in 1973. It won the William Allen White Children's Book Award.
  9. (SOCKS (protocol)) SOCKS is an Internet protocol that facilitates the routing of network packets between client–server applications via a proxy server. SOCKS performs at Layer 5 of the OSI model—the session layer (an intermediate layer between the presentation layer and the transport layer). ...
  10. A knitted or woven covering for the foot; A shoe worn by Greco-Roman comedy actors; A violent blow, punch; A shortened version of (Internet) sock puppet; To hit or strike violently; To deliver a blow
  11. (SOCKS) A protocol for traversing firewalls in a secure and controlled manner, made publicly available by the Internet Engineering Task Force.
  12. (SOCKS) A protocol that a proxy server can use to accept requests from client users in a company's network so that it can forward them across the Internet. SOCKS uses sockets to represent and keep track of individual connections. ...
  13. (SOCKS) Firewall software that establishes a connection from inside a firewall to the outside when direct connection would otherwise be prevented by the firewall software or hardware (for example, the router configuration).
  14. (S-O-C-K-S) After running the same :30 for nine years, National Dynamics Speed Tapes tried a new campaign based on our Brand Resistance Survey. Call volume jumped from 2,000 to 5,000 Week I. Sales increased $35MM over three years. (2:00 Read)
  15. (SOCKS (Socket secure)) A security protocol used to communicate through a firewall or proxy server.
  16. (SOCKS) (SOCKetS): A server running SOCKS acts as a proxy server that provides screening, authentication, and logging for application-level connections.
  17. (SOCKS) A circuit gateway proxy package available from NEC.
  18. (SOCKS) A circuit-level proxy protocol that provides a tunneling mechanism for protocols that cannot be proxied conveniently.
  19. (SOCKS) A protocol used by proxy servers to handle TCP connection requests from client devices inside a firewall.
  20. (SOCKS) Protecting your foundation, what you stand for; insulating yourself from something that could harm your standing / Being hit with big news; delivering or sustaining an emotional blow (as in socking or being socked)
  21. (SOCKS) short for "SOCKetS", allows requests to communicate when a network firewall is present
  22. (Socks) 1. Hair on the feet to pasterns (e.g. Chinese Crested Dog).
  23. (Socks) I started my first pair of crocheted socks this past week.  For me.  I am working from this pattern.
  24. (Socks) The only clean pair is down the bottom of your bag, underneath all your dirty washing, and it's raining.
  25. (Socks) White paws on a coloured cat