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snowflakes, plural;
  1. A flake of snow, esp. a feathery ice crystal, typically displaying delicate sixfold symmetry

  2. A white-flowered Eurasian plant related to and resembling the snowdrop, typically blooming in the summer or autumn

  1. a crystal of snow
  2. snow bunting: white Arctic bunting
  3. Snowflakes are conglomerations of frozen ice crystals which fall through the Earth's atmosphere. They begin as two snow crystals which develop when microscopic supercooled cloud droplets freeze. Snowflakes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. ...
  4. Spring Snowflake (Leucojum vernum) and Summer Snowflake or Loddon Lily (Leucojum aestivum) are bulbous plants belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family. They are the only species currently classified in the genus Leucojum.
  5. Snegurochka (Снегу́рочка), or The Snow Maiden, is a character in Russian fairy tales.
  6. Snowflake (c. 1964 – November 24, 2003) was an albino gorilla. He was the only known albino gorilla so far, and the most popular resident of the Barcelona Zoo in Catalonia, Spain.
  7. A Triumph for Man is the first album by Danish band Mew, released in April 1997 by the Danish record label Exlibris Musik.
  8. (Snowflakes (album)) Snowflakes is the first Christmas album (fourth overall) by American R&B singer–songwriter Toni Braxton, released in the United States on October 23, 2001 by Arista Records. ...
  9. A crystal of snow, having approximate hexagonal symmetry.^[1]; Any of several bulbous European plants, of the genus Leucojum, having white flowers.^[1]; The snow bunting.^[1]
  10. (Snowflakes) was first used in Coming Full Festival Circle! against Zoey and her Leafeon and Mismagius. Kricketune uses Silver Wind, Lopunny then spins in a circle around Kricketune and uses Blizzard causing the two moves to fuse and become Snowflakes.
  11. (snowflakes) (in  climate (meteorology): Snow and sleet)
  12. White ice crystals that have combined in a complex branched hexagonal form.
  13. The type of icon used to indicate that a package has been frozen. See also Freeze, Frozen Package, Thaw, and Thawed Package. Source: NTJ
  14. slang for a memorandum or rigmarole memo issued by MILICRATs in a CYA or RED-TAPE setting, such as a HEADSHED or TOC; so named due to similarity of resemblance, as many small separate pieces of white paper (each one distinctive and unique) silently drift down from some remote elevation to ...
  15. 1. noun a single piece of snow that falls from the sky
  16. A normalized dimension where a flat, single-table dimension is decomposed into a tree structure with potentially many nesting levels. ...
  17. white spots scattered throughout the base coat; a pattern caused by the Lp complex
  18. n. spoiled, egotistical, self-centered, emotionally fragile child (chronologically or mentally).
  19. An aggregate of ice crystals that falls from a cloud