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smirked, past participle; smirked, past tense; smirks, 3rd person singular present; smirking, present participle;
  1. Smile in an irritatingly smug, conceited, or silly way
    • - he smirked in triumph
  1. A smug, conceited, or silly smile
    • - Gloria pursed her mouth in a self-satisfied smirk

  1. a smile expressing smugness or scorn instead of pleasure
  2. smile affectedly or derisively
  3. A smirk refers to a smile evoking insolence, scorn, or offensive smugness. "A constant smirk upon the face, and a whifling activity of the body, are strong indications of futility," the Earl of Chesterfield once wrote in a letter to his son. ...
  4. An uneven, often crooked smile that is insolent, offensively self-satisfied or scornful; To smile in a way that is affected, smug, insolent or contemptuous
  5. (Smirking) Good-natured, winking.
  6. Indicates the one writing the message is smirking