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slashed, past participle; slashes, 3rd person singular present; slashing, present participle; slashed, past tense;
  1. Cut (something) with a violent sweeping movement, typically using a knife or sword
    • - a tire was slashed on my car
    • - they cut and slashed their way to the river
    • - the man slashed at him with a sword
  2. Reduce (a price, quantity, etc.) greatly
    • - the workforce has been slashed by 2,000
  3. Lash, whip, or thrash severely

  4. Crack (a whip)

  5. Criticize (someone or something) severely

  1. A tract of swampy ground, esp. in a coastal region

  1. cut with sweeping strokes; as with an ax or machete
  2. cut: a wound made by cutting; "he put a bandage over the cut"
  3. an open tract of land in a forest that is strewn with debris from logging (or fire or wind)
  4. flog: beat severely with a whip or rod; "The teacher often flogged the students"; "The children were severely trounced"
  5. cut open; "she slashed her wrists"
  6. solidus: a punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information
  7. Slashdot (sometimes abbreviated as /.) is a technology-related news website owned by Geeknet, Inc. The site, which bills itself as "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters", features user-submitted and ‑evaluated current affairs news stories about science- and technology-related topics. ...
  8. Slash is the eponymous debut solo album by former Guns N' Roses and current Velvet Revolver guitarist, Slash. ...
  9. Slash is an autobiography written by rock guitarist Slash with Anthony Bozza.
  10. Slash (also known as Sister Agony) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe, most notably as a member of the Sisters of Sin.
  11. Slash was a punk rock-related fanzine published in the United States from 1977 to 1980.
  12. Slash fiction is a genre of fan fiction that focuses on the depiction of romantic or sexual relationships between fictional characters.Bacon-Smith, Camille. "Spock Among the Women." New York Times Sunday Book Review, November 16, 1986. ...
  13. The symbol, /. Also known as a forward slash, particularly in computer programming and web design; A swift cut with a blade, particularly with fighting weapons as a sword, saber, knife etc; A swift striking movement; A pee, a trip to the toilet to urinate; A work of fiction (frequently ...
  14. (Slashed) A term used to describe the opening or gashings in a sleeve when the puffing is of a different tincture. It is then slashed of a different tincture.
  15. (slashed) to wound someone by cutting them
  16. (Slashing) striking an opponent's arms or lower body with the hockey stick. Usually a penalty is incurred.
  17. (slashing) a minor penalty which occurs when a player swings his stick hard at an opponent, whether or not contact is made; if injury is caused it becomes a major penalty and a game misconduct.
  18. (slashing) Swinging the stick at an opponent when it is below the shoulders, an infraction even if the swing misses its target. Usually incurs a minor penalty, but a major penalty if the opponent is injured.
  19. (Slashing) The action of hitting an opponent with a stick while holding the stick with one or both hands. Tapping the puck carrier is not considered slashing if it is for the purpose of taking the puck. ...
  20. (Slashing) When a player swings their stick and strikes another player.
  21. (Slashing) An minor or major infraction in which a player hits an opponent with a chopping motion using the shaft or blade of his or her stick.
  22. (Slashing) Many bread loaves, especially country or European loaves, are slashed on top with a lame just before being baked. This allows the bread to expand and gives the loaf its distinctive look.
  23. (Slashing) These are the knife cuts you make in the top of a loaf of bread before baking. Making the cuts is more than being artistic or decorative. The slashing allows the carbon dioxide produced during the baking process to escape without the loaf bursting in many places. ...
  24. (Slashing) To mine out the roof of a drift in order to access a level above
  25. (Slashing) cutting down all trees in front of a line to create a clear field of fire. Trees were felled in the same direction with branches toward the enemy, serving as an obstacle to attack. Downed trees might then be trimmed and arranged more formally into an abattis.