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skies, plural;
  1. Hit (a ball) high into the air
    • - he skied his tee shot
  2. Hang (a picture) very high on a wall, esp. in an exhibition

  1. The region of the atmosphere and outer space seen from the earth
    • - hundreds of stars shining in the sky
    • - Jillson had never seen so much sky
  2. Heaven; heavenly power
    • - the just vengeance of incensed skies

  1. flip: throw or toss with a light motion; "flip me the beachball"; "toss me newspaper"
  2. the atmosphere and outer space as viewed from the earth
  3. The sky is the part of the atmosphere or of outer space visible from the surface of any astronomical object. It is difficult to define precisely for several reasons. During daylight, the sky of Earth has the appearance of a deep blue surface because of the air's scattering of sunlight. ...
  4. Sky+, or Sky Plus, is a personal video recorder (PVR) service for Sky. It is very similar - in principle - to the TiVo service. Launched in September 2001, Sky+ allows the user to record, pause and instantly rewind live TV. ...
  5. sky is Yui Horie's third solo album. A limited edition version of this album was released with an alternate album cover and included a photo book. This album also has the opening and ending themes from her radio show "Tenshi no Tamago".
  6. Sky was a British instrumental group that specialised in fusing a variety of musical styles including light rock, progressive rock, classical and jazz. The group's best known members were classical guitarist John Williams, bass player Herbie Flowers (a former member of Blue Mink and T. ...
  7. Sky was an R&B-influenced pop music group from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The duo originally consisted of James Renald and Antoine Sicotte. Both were songwriters, producers and multi-instrumentalists, who met in 1992 at a music engineering school in Montreal. ...
  8. Sky Deutschland AG (Premiere AG until 4 July 2009) is a German media company and owns 100 percent of its subsidiary Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Premiere Fernsehen GmbH & Co. ...
  9. A cloud; The atmosphere above a given point, especially as visible from the ground during the day; The part of the sky which can be seen from a specific place or at a specific time; its condition, climate etc; Heaven; Also used to represent pornographic material; to hit, kick or throw (a ball) ...
  10. (skyed) Surrounded by sky
  11. (SKYING) Bad technique where the blade is too high off of the surface of the water at the catch.
  12. (Skying) Advanced rest hop. Catch the thrown (skyed) ball on its way down. Less rest, no hop.
  13. (Skying) Poor catch technique in which the blade only skims the water surface, causing a loss of power.
  14. (Skying) Process in which the indigo dye is oxidated, or exposed to the air, a step that is necessary to develop and fix the color. Same as oxidation.
  15. To dream of the sky, signifies distinguished honors and interesting travel with cultured companions, if the sky is clear. Otherwise, it portends blasted expectations, and trouble with women. ...
  16. Sky digital with recording facilities. Provides the viewer to control what they watch by pausing, rewinding and playing live TV! You can also record and watch 2 channels at the same time
  17. When the club head only just strikes the very bottom of the ball causing it to fly straight up into the area. Normally happens when the ball is on a tee or in the rough.
  18. The vault-like apparent surface against which all aerial objects are seen from the earth.
  19. Often translated as heaven or heavens. There is some debate over the etymology (origins and roots) of this word. The "sh" may be a prefix meaning "like" followed by the word mayim ^[str:4325] meaning "water" - like water. ...
  20. v. to jump extremely high. To get big air.
  21. Ball flies off the top of the clubface — very high and short.
  22. Spectral Karyotyping. SKY is a technique that allows for the visualization of all of an organism's chromosomes together, each labeled with a different color. ...
  23. Street slang. To run, to flee, i.e. "He skyed as soon as we opened fire.
  24. Sky+ allows you record programmes and watch others while doing so, there's a handy series link feature which automatically records your favourite shows although if you do forget to record something you can use the Remote Record facility. ...
  25. (known as Sky Land in the original NES version) is the fifth world in Super Mario Bros. 3. The Sky has nine levels, three Hammer Bros., two Fortresses, three Toad Houses and a special Tower level. There are two parts to the world, The Ground and The Sky, connected by the Tower level. ...