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skirmishes, plural;
  1. Engage in a skirmish
    • - reports of skirmishing along the border
  1. An episode of irregular or unpremeditated fighting, esp. between small or outlying parts of armies or fleets

  2. A short argument
    • - there was a skirmish over the budget

  1. brush: a minor short-term fight
  2. engage in a skirmish
  3. Skirmishers are infantry or cavalry soldiers stationed ahead or alongside a larger body of friendly troops. They are usually placed in a skirmish line to harass the enemy.
  4. A brief battle between small groups, usually part of a longer or larger battle or war; By extension, any minor dispute; A type of outdoor military style game using paintball or similar weapons; To engage in a minor battle or dispute
  5. (Skirmishes) Minor battles among isolated soldiers
  6. (skirmishes) Fights between small groups of soldiers.
  7. (Skirmishing) Playing 'wargames' with Airsoft or Paintball models.
  8. units represent individual soldiers, with possible tracking of wounds and ammunition. The simulation usually covers a small firefight. Also known as "Man-to-Man" scale, the first such games in the modern era of board wargames include Patrol and Sniper!. ...
  9. A loose, desultory kind of engagement between small detachments.
  10. an infantry duty, a skirmish line will go ahead of a regiment, scout for enemy position/skirmishers. This term is better described in the drill manual
  11. Refers to any organised Airsoft activity wherein players attempt to tag one another using the devices.