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In a sincere or genuine way,
  1. In a sincere or genuine way
    • - I sincerely hope that we shall have a change of government
    • - sincerely held differences of belief
  2. A formula used to end a letter, typically a formal one in which the recipient is addressed by name

  1. with sincerity; without pretense; "she praised him sincerely for his victory"; "was unfeignedly glad to see his old teacher"; "we are truly sorry for the inconvenience"
  2. written formula for ending a letter
  3. (sincere) open and genuine; not deceitful; "he was a good man, decent and sincere"; "felt sincere regret that they were leaving"; "sincere friendship"
  4. (sincere) earnest: characterized by a firm and humorless belief in the validity of your opinions; "both sides were deeply in earnest, even passionate"; "an entirely sincere and cruel tyrant"; "a film with a solemn social message"
  5. Sincerely is the debut album from the Dwight Twilley Band, released in 1976 on Shelter Records. The band consisted solely of Dwight Twilley (guitar, piano, lead and harmony vocals) and Phil Seymour (drums, bass, percussion, lead and harmony vocals), although touring band member Bill Pitcock IV ...
  6. Sincerely is the debut album released by Melody.
  7. "Sincerely" is a popular song written by Harvey Fuqua and Alan Freed and published in 1954.
  8. (Sincere) Sincerity is the virtue of one who speaks and acts truly about his or her own feelings, thoughts, and desires.
  9. (sincere) earnest; meaning what one says or does; truthful; meant truly or earnestly
  10. (Sincere) honest wine with no defects.
  11. (Sincere) speakers presenting verbal and nonverbal messages they themselves believe.
  12. (sincere) açıq, açıq cürеkli, halal, kölü bla, taza cürеkdеn
  13. (sincērē) adv., without impairment, falsehood, or dishonesty
  14. term used before a name when formally closing a letter
  15. truthfully, honestly, earnestly, genuinely, profoundly
  16. Being what it appears to be, genuine. Without pretense.