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silvers, plural;
  1. Made wholly or chiefly of silver
    • - silver jewelry
  2. Colored like silver
    • - a silver Mercedes
  3. Denoting a twenty-fifth anniversary

  1. Coat or plate with silver
    • - large silvered candlesticks
  2. Provide (mirror glass) with a backing of a silver-colored material in order to make it reflective

  3. (esp. of the moon) Give a silvery appearance to
    • - the brilliant moon silvered the turf
  4. Turn (a person's hair) gray or white

  5. (of a person's hair) Turn gray or white

  1. A precious shiny grayish-white metal, the chemical element of atomic number 47

  2. A shiny gray-white color or appearance like that of silver
    • - the dark hair was now highlighted with silver
  3. Silver dishes, containers, or cutlery
    • - thieves stole $5,000 worth of silver
    • - the family silver
  4. Household cutlery of any material
    • - it is important to wash table silver in hot soapy water immediately after each meal
  5. Coins made from silver or from a metal that resembles silver

  6. Money

  1. coat with a layer of silver or a silver amalgam; "silver the necklace"
  2. a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography
  3. made from or largely consisting of silver; "silver bracelets"
  4. make silver in color; "Her worries had silvered her hair"
  5. argent: of lustrous grey; covered with or tinged with the color of silver; "silvery hair"
  6. ash grey: a light shade of grey
  7. Silver is a metallic chemical element with the chemical symbol Ag (argentum, from the Indo-European root *arg- for "white" or "shining") and atomic number 47. ...
  8. This is a list of the characters that have appeared on 90210. The series introduces Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes) and her adopted brother Dixon (Tristan Wilds), who move from Kansas to Beverly Hills with their father Harry (Rob Estes) and mother Debbie (Lori Loughlin). ...
  9. Silver was a 1970s country-rock band, best known for their bubblegum 1976 hit "Wham Bam".
  10. Silver is the third live album released by Cheap Trick. It was performed at Davis Park in the band's hometown of Rockford, Illinois in 1999, to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary since their formation. ...
  11. Silver is a 1983 album by Cliff Richard, marking his 25th anniversary in music.
  12. Silver coins are possibly the oldest mass form of coinage in recorded history. Silver has been used as a coinage metal since the times of the Greeks. Their silver drachmas were popular trade coins.
  13. A lustrous, white, metallic element, atomic number 47, atomic weight 107.87, symbol Ag; Coins made from silver or any similar white metal; Cutlery and other eating utensils, whether silver or made from some other white metal; Any items made from silver or any other white metal; A shiny gray ...
  14. An English surname for a silversmith or a rich man, or for someone having silvery gray hair or living by a silvery brook; A surname anglicised from the German Jewish ornamental surname Silber; A male given name from the metal, or transferred from the surname; A female given name from the metal
  15. The currency used in WarFlow. Players can use Silver to upgrade their buildings and equips, buy forage etc.
  16. To dream of silver, is a warning against depending too largely on money for real happiness and contentment. To find silver money, is indicative of shortcomings in others. Hasty conclusions are too frequently drawn by yourself for your own peace of mind. ...
  17. A lustrous, white, malleable and ductile precious metal, with remarkable electrical and thermal, light-reflecting, bacteria-killing, wear resistant, photosensitive and other qualities.
  18. Latin argentum; used as coin metal only after electron metal, because it was more difficult to obtain. Between the tenth and the twelfth century, most of the silver in Europe came from the Harz mountains. The Schwaz silver mine in Tyrol boomed from the fifteenth century onwards. ...
  19. Term to indicate coins struck in silver (generally 90% silver and 10% copper but there are a few exceptions).
  20. A transition metal in Group 11 of the periodic table – symbol Ag, atomic number 47.
  21. At least one medium pearl, which the ghost gives up for every 50 HP sucked and every 10 after. So for 60, 70, and 80 HP at once, Luigi earns another medium pearl. The portrait ghost is shown in better quality. 90 is reserved for...
  22. Silver is a metal used in the manufacture of photographic plates, cutlery and jewelry.  Silver nitrate is used in an array of industrial chemical processes.  It is toxic.
  23. The player with the Silver pieces is second to setup the pieces and second to move. See also Gold.
  24. Used for a great variety of purposes, as may be judged from the frequent references to it in Scripture. It first appears in commerce in Gen 13:2; Gen 23:15, Gen 23:16. ...
  25. The MCL is 0.10 mg/L. Silver is associated with causing discoloration of the skin. For freshwater the concentration should be less than 0.0003 mg/L.