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signings, plural;
  1. The action of writing one's signature on an official document
    • - he plans to oversee the signing of modest agreements on energy, education, and the environment
  2. The action of recruiting someone, esp. to a professional sports team or record company
    • - the signing of overseas players
    • - a signing bonus
  3. A person who has recently been recruited, esp. to join a professional sports team or record company
    • - Manchester United's latest signing
  4. An event in a bookstore or other place at which an author signs a number of books to gain publicity and sales

  5. Sign language

  6. The provision of signs in a street or other place

  1. sign language: language expressed by visible hand gestures
  2. (sign) gestural: used of the language of the deaf
  3. (sign) a perceptible indication of something not immediately apparent (as a visible clue that something has happened); "he showed signs of strain"; "they welcomed the signs of spring"
  4. (sign) mark with one's signature; write one's name (on); "She signed the letter and sent it off"; "Please sign here"
  5. (sign) a public display of a message; "he posted signs in all the shop windows"
  6. (sign) approve and express assent, responsibility, or obligation; "All parties ratified the peace treaty"; "Have you signed your contract yet?"
  7. ((un)Signed (XM)) The Verge is an XM Radio Canada channel featuring new and emerging rock bands from Canada. The channel is produced in Toronto, Ontario for the entire XM platform. ...
  8. (& sign) An ampersand (or epershand) "&" is a logogram representing the conjunction word "and".
  9. (@ sign) The typographic character @, called the at sign or at symbol, is an abbreviation of the word at or the phrase at the rate of in accounting and commercial invoices (e.g. "7 widgets @ $2 = $14"). Its most common modern use is in e-mail addresses, where it stands for "located at". ...
  10. (Sign (astrology)) Astrological signs represent twelve equal segments or divisions of the zodiac. According to astrology, celestial phenomena reflect or govern human activity on the principle of "as above, so below", so that the twelve signs are held to represent twelve basic personality types ...
  11. (Sign (band)) Sign is an Icelandic rock band that was formed in 2001, as Halim, to compete in the Icelandic version of the Battle of the bands called Musiktilraunir.
  12. (Sign (Beni song)) is Beni's sixth single under the label Nayutawave Records. The leading song contains a sample of the piano from Yumi Matsutoya's 1994 song "Haru yo, Koi". ...
  13. (sign) A visible indication; A clearly visible object, generally flat, bearing a short message in words or pictures; A traffic sign; A meaningful gesture; Any of several specialized non-alphabetic symbols; An astrological sign; Positive or negative polarity; A linguistic unit in sign language ...
  14. (Sign) Any visual display with words or symbols designed to convey information or attract attention.
  15. (sign) Any device, structure, display or placard which is affixed to, placed on or in proximity to or displayed from within a building to attract the attention of the public for the purposes of advertising, identifying or communicating information about goods and services.
  16. (Sign) An airport decoration. Usually unnoticed except by small children. It’s primary function is to hide the locations of various areas of the airport, i.e., gate numbers, rest rooms, baggage claim, etc.
  17. A sign is an indication that something is not right in the body; defined as things that can be seen by a doctor, nurse or other health care professional; fever, rapid breathing rate and abnormal breathing sounds heard through a stethoscope may be signs of pneumonia
  18. (sign) indication of disease from direct visibility of a pathogen or its parts.
  19. (sign) Something that conveys an idea or meaning.
  20. (83. Sign) an objective evidence of disease that can be observed or measured. (Signo)
  21. (Sign) Evidence of a person's passage.
  22. (Sign) The pathogen or its parts or products seen on a host plant.
  23. (sign) A visible manifestation of a causal agent of plant disease (e.g., fungal spores or other fungal structures, bacterial ooze). (3)
  24. (Sign) a name, identification, description, display or illustration for advertising or information purposes painted or represented upon any surface.
  25. ("sign") includes the making of initials and, only in the case of a testator, the making of a mark and "signature" has a corresponding meaning;