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signets, plural;
  1. A small seal, esp. one set in a ring, used instead of or with a signature to give authentication to an official document

  1. a seal (especially one used to mark documents officially)
  2. Phi Sigma Kappa (ΦΣK), colloquially known as Phi Sig, is a social fraternity devoted to three cardinal principles: the Promotion of Brotherhood, the Stimulation of Scholarship, and the Development of Character. ...
  3. an object (especially a ring) formerly used to impress a picture into the sealing wax of a document as a proof of its origin
  4. The Seal of the Court of Session and a sign of its authority. It is applied to a summons as authority to serve the summons on the defender.
  5. A ring bearing a personal or family emblem.
  6. A ring with a flat table or face on which there is an inscription of a coat of arms, family crest, or some other type of insignia or monogram.
  7. the personal seal of the monarch of England, developed into a separate royal secretariat in the 14th century; also used in a more general sense for a small personal seal
  8. [Gen 38:18; Ex 28:11; Ex 39:14; Jer 22:24; Dan 6:17; Hag 2:23] a seal; an ornate badge.
  9. A personal seal once used to make wax impressions for signatures or authenticating a document. The seal would usually be in reverse, so the impression in the wax could be viewed normally.
  10. Secure Integrated Global Network. Variants:
  11. a mark left by a ring whose upper surface contains a signet, or seal, once used as a signature for marking documents.
  12. the trade name used by Parker to denote models with GF caps and barrels. Used beginning with the Parker 51.
  13. A personal seal used to show authenticity of documents.
  14. A signet is a personal implement, such as a ring, that has an engraved seal or name that identifies the owner and his elevated social status or occupation.
  15. a seal or ring used by an official much like a personal signature to give authority to a document. The Old Testament indicates several uses of the ring seal.
  16. A carved design, like an intaglio, which was usually worn on a ring.
  17. An intaglio engraving in metal, stone or gem that depicts a coat of arms or initials. Most commonly used in signet rings, which also were used historically as personal seals for letters and documents.
  18. a small official seal for official documents, as in a finger ring. It is often engraved with a coat of arms or crest