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signatories, plural;
  1. A party that has signed an agreement, esp. a country that has signed a treaty
    • - Bulgaria is a signatory to a variety of international human rights conventions
    • - the signatory states

  1. signer: someone who signs and is bound by a document
  2. A signature (from Latin signare, "to sign") is a handwritten (and sometimes stylized) depiction of someone's name, nickname or even a simple "X" that a person writes on documents as a proof of identity and intent. The writer of a signature is a signatory. ...
  3. One who signs or signed something
  4. (Signatories) people authorised to sign cheques on behalf of an organisation. At lease two signatories are normally required for all payments and the trustees should approve the signatories. See also authorisation of expenditure, segregation of duties and financial controls/procedures.
  5. A signatory is a person who signs a document. For instance, if you are making an application and sign a form, you are the signatory.
  6. A gold mining company or operation using cyanide for gold recovery, a manufacturer of cyanide destined for use in gold recovery, or a transporter of cyanide used in gold recovery, or the parent corporation of such companies, that has committed to follow the Code and has paid the required fees ...
  7. A country that wishes a draft resolution to be put on the floor and signs the draft resolution to accomplish this. A signatory need not support a resolution; it only wants it to be discussed. ...
  8. A signer, with another or others; a person whose name is being inscribed on a document who requires assistance in doing so.
  9. A person authorised to access an account.
  10. An employer who has agreed to produce under the terms of a union contract
  11. An individual who legally represents the assets/services of another person, entity or themselves, by executing all contractual agreements and related obligations.
  12. One who has signed an agreement.